Here’s Why Video Game Movies Don’t Work

Here’s Why Video Game Movies Don’t Work

Over at MTV Movies Blog, David Hayter, voice of Metal Gear Solid’s Snake and writer of the X-Men movie, talks about why game movies go wrong. Snnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake — er, Haaaaaaaaaaaayteeeeeeer!


  • If you ask me, video game movies fail for two reasons. Firstly, directors and studios have no idea what they are doing. And secondly, the audience expected something different. Let’s look at two famous examples.

    Super Mario Bros
    The directors and studio couldn’t decide what the hell they wanted to make. I’ve heard that the studio really wanted to cash in on the Mario games and pay a lot of homage to them. While the directors wanted to do their own thing and make their own movie. What we got was a mishmash of serious storylines and dark humour mixed with tongue in cheek style comedy and a ludicrous plot. I read the section in John Leguizamo’s autobiography about this, besides saying it was the worst film he had ever worked on (It’s also Bob Hoskins most hated film of his career) he said the directors were extremely hard to work with and would routinely change the style of direction almost from scene to scene. Both of the directors that worked on the film went on to do absolutely nothing for over 10 years after this film. Maybe no one would hire them?

    Final Fantasy: The spirits within
    I think this movie is a perfect example of the audience not getting what they expected. I think if this movie had been titled something else it probably would have made twice the money that it did. Nothing is wrong with this film, it’s just that when people went into the theatre they were expecting swords, magic and monsters. But we do have a silver lining. This movie lost so much money Square merged with Enix, this means that distribution for the Dragon Quest games got much better in Australia.

    • Where did you hear that Square merged with Enix because Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within did so poorly? As far as I was aware, they merged because it was a damn good business decision.

  • Err, actually he talks about why movie-based games go wrong, not game-based movies, but both categories generally suck due to movie studios not understanding or really caring much about games as anything other than an additional marketing vehicle…

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