Here’s Your Special Launch-Day Halo: Reach Hat

Here’s Your Special Launch-Day Halo: Reach Hat

Halo fans who pick up Reach on its September 14 release date will score this attractive exclusive in-game Spartan Recon Helmet. Fans who wait until after launch day aren’t really fans, now are they?

Just in case you needed incentive to pick up Halo: Reach on launch day, Microsoft offers it in the form of this snazzy helmet, which should prove to separate the men from the men who were a day late come the day after launch. North American customers should be able to pick up a token for this stylish headpiece at their local retailers, while outside of North America they are being offered as preorder incentives at participating retailers.

I’ll be sure to flaunt my helmet at every opportunity, a testament to my love for the free chicken wings my local GameStop has at its midnight launch events.


    • It kind of looks like the black bit is meant to swing down. IIRC one of the upgrades for the helmets has a black bit above the faceplate, maybe it’s based off that.

      Though I don’t really want the helmet, I wonder if Australia gets it? I’ve looked around on the internet and EB are the only place to actually have preorder prices up ($218 for Legendary is the only one I recall).

      • JB Hi-Fi has it up for $219.
        Still, i dont really need a radio dish an my damn helmet and 2 flashlights? on the right side of it either.
        I could mount a flaming skull on that thing during headhunter…

  • I’m one of the odd people who wouldn’t ever use this in-game, but would really like the OPTION to. It makes me feel dirty…

  • incentives? Halo: Reach itself is an incentive to preorder. Who needs a helmet to help them decide? Anyways, with all the customizable gear Bungie are giving us no one is going to notice some preorder helmet. Everyone is gonig to be too preoccupied with shooting you in the face or showing off their own armour. The men will have indeed been separated from the men, whether Microsoft give you a helmet or not…

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