Hey, It’s A New Total War…Campaign

Hey, It’s A New Total War…Campaign

There’ll most likely be a new Total War game unveiled at E3, but in the meantime, Sega is happy to release a new expansion for the recent Napoleon: Total War.

It centres around the Peninsula Campaign, which is the fancy title given to the tussles between the Allies (Britain, Spain & Portugal) and French on the Iberian Peninsula during the Napoleonic Wars.

Players get a new map focusing just on Spain & Portugal, 28 new units, new agents and… the use of only three factions. You can’t even play as the Portugese.

It’ll be out this Summer Winter, and available only for purchase via Steam.


  • the tottal war games havent exactly been the same since rome total war. i thought id get this because i LOVE rome total war, but this was just crap.
    yeah it looks awesome but the game play isnt as fun.
    plus nothing beats 1000+ guys charging @ each other.

    • yeah i have to agree with that, TW games have lost some of their charm since RTW and MTW2, i really hope the next game is RTW2 – i would love that soo much, more so because there would be some awesome mods for…i was playing RTW mods long after i stopped play the orginial

  • What was once a unique and quite brilliant game, is swiftly becoming the next EA (insert sport title here). Next they’ll have dates at the end of the title, annually updated rosters and different coloured uniforms for away battles.

  • I think the problem is the period they’re focusing on, not the quality of the game.

    As soon as CA get back into a Classic-Dark Age-Medieval period of game, I’m there with bells on.

  • Total War? more like total garbage, and dont even get me started on the totally pathetic and impossible to understand campaigns. This is the worst game I have ever bought and as for sea battles well whats all that about, 3 broadsides and your dead. This game sucks on soooooo many levels, this team of developers are not fir to lick the boots of Blizzard staff.

    Total War is a Total Rip Off

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