Hostesses? Ha! Hosts!

In Japan, hostesses are dolled up girls that work in bars, pour men's drinks and light their cigarettes. Hosts?

Hosts are dolled up dolls that... work in bars, pour women's drinks and light their cigarettes. Host bars are popular with all sorts of regular women (business women, housewives, college students, etc), but as documentary The Great Happiness Space points out, some of the hosts' customers are actually hostesses (or workers in the sex trade). Why? They like dreamy guys waiting on them, making them feel good about themselves.

Real Host Love is a Japanese cell phone game for ladies. It's a potboiler dating game. The protagonist is a female office worker who lives with her mother. Her mother is in a traffic accident, and her bills were paid by a mysterious young man. He leaves behind a lighter that reads "Club Confidential". The game follows the female office worker into the world of host bar "Club Confidential".

This game has amazing hair.

モバイルゲームレビュー「リアルホストLOVE」 -GAME Watch [Game Watch via オレ的ゲーム情報]


    If I have to describe the pictures above, I'd call them creepy O_O But at the same time it's highly intriguing...

    Funny. The "Hosts" resemble their female compatriots in almost every way.

    Would like to play this game for a laugh. Shame that most of the Japanese cell phone games don't get translated. "Light my cigarette, girlish looking guy!" Now that's service.

    The hosts who work near my house have tighter pants and bigger hair than any man should ever have.

    I swear, some of their hair must need a building permit.

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