How About A Kane And Lynch Movie Poster? A Comic Book?

It's not too different from the upcoming film's promotional artwork at the Cannes Film Festival.

Out in 2011, the Kane & Lynch flick is based on the video game franchise and stars Bruce Willis as Kane and Jamie Foxx as Lynch. The big screen version is being written by Kyle Ward and directed by first timer Simon Crane.

This poster is actually quite striking and stark. Prefer how it attempts to conjure some sort of image or mood as opposed to the majority of movie posters which are just pictures of movie star faces.

In related Kane & Lynch news, website reports that the game is also getting a comic book from DC Comics' WildStorm brand. The artist will be Chris Mitten of Wasteland fame and the writer will be Ian Edginton, who has written for comic properties ranging from Aliens to Star Wars. The first issue hits this August.

Official Poster For Kane & Lynch Live-Action Movie Now Online [PlaySwitch]


    It's probably not even Bruce or Jamie - thats why?

    Looks very stylised, I like it.

    Kane and Lynch is pretty much unknown in the general public (compared to most videogames that become movies), so I could see this movie being pretty good and fairly successful.

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