How Did You Get Fired From GameStop?


    lol that last one made me crack up!!

    The preorder one was quite good. I remember halo 3... Went to EB games (american gamestop) and asked the store clerk if I could grab a copy (this was on launch day). His reply "Did you preorder?" to which I responded no, he then said "well unfortunatley we don't have any left and you can only get it if you preorder". I left Eb Games and walked next door to JB Hifi; They had hundreds of copies including the collectors edition, and they were $20 cheaper. Never been back to EB.

    I left EB Games after a staff meeting where they tried to put the cause of reduced sales on floor staff. Then told us all our jobs were in jeapordy. Yeah totally dudes, it's not because you're overpriced and Digital Distribution is starting to take off.

    Ha! Fairly accurate, however these reasons are just the tip of the iceberg in how this company culls its staff. Many employees refer to the company as "The Empire" for good reason.

    You could all just go back to stacking shelves at the supermarket.

    EB games = Empire of Bullshit games.

    the only reason i shop there is because they have a 7 day trial period for games.
    in other words, buy a game, finish it within 7 days,take it back and say 'i didn't like it' and get your money back.

    Having worked for EB for a short while, i gotta say it is fairly true as meetings with the managers and higher ups were pretty bloody militant - but they always try to sound friendly about it haha

    I do love how they always say "if you don't pre-order the game you won't get it - it'll be impossible to find!"

    ...and yet i'm still seeing AC2 White edition on shelves...

    Sweet, I only have a LARGE Wolverine T-Shirt XD

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