How Long Would A Final Fantasy VII Remake Take?

Final Fantasy XIII director Motomu Toriyama wants to remake role-playing game Final Fantasy VII. FFVII character designer Tetsuya Nomura doesn't think it'll happen any time soon. What about the company's president?

According to Square Enix honcho Yoichi Wada, they are often asked about a Final Fantasy VII remake. It took Square Enix between three and four years to get recently released Final Fantasy XIII to a high level of quality. "To get FFVII to something like FFXII," the exec tweeted, "it would take ten times as long".

Ten times?!

It would take somewhere between 30 and 40 years to remake Final Fantasy VII? Surely, Wada is being flip!

He does add that because it would take so long, the circumstances for a remake are difficult. However, this is request Square Enix often gets, so the company isn't simply blowing off the idea.

In 2006, Square Enix released a "technical demo" depicting Final Fantasy VII as it would look in the PlayStation 3. The game was originally released on the PlayStation 1 in 1997.

『ファイナルファンタジーヴェルサス13は適切な時期に発表する』コメント記事が掲載中。 [ゲーム情報 via オレ的ゲーム情報]


    I remember reading that it took the company several months to create the technical demo. And it cost several million as well. It would be cheaper if they made it today, but the amount of man-hours required coupled with the exhorbitant cost is too high.

    Besides which, at $16 a go, the re-release for PSN is doing them well.

    The man has a point. If they did remake this game then it would have to be the best game they have ever made, hell it would probably have to be the best JRPG ever made. Seeing as a lot of people regard the original as the rightful owner of that title, the remake would have to be just as good or better. Is a game with a scope like that one you can really just go through the motions with? If square released an FF7 remake that was as good as FF13 I think myself and a lot of fans would consider it extremely disappointing. That’s how highly regarded this game is.

    I’ve finished the game a handful of times, and as much as I’d like to see it remade, I don’t think now is the right time. The next few years (probably until the end of this console generation) will be dominated by western RPG’s. Everyone knows JRPGs don’t have the same presence in the market that they did years ago. But who knows, maybe mind blowing news like an FF7 remake is just what people need to get excited about JRPG games again. But, I wouldn’t hold my breath on this one.

    sorry, uninitiated here. Why is this such a big deal? Wouldn't it be better for everyone if Square just focused forward to make a better, new game?

      Nostalgia, the game really isn't that great. A lot of people just remember it as the first time they played a serious game and get there pants all messy over it.

      It would be better for everyone if square just focused on making new better games.

      lol. like Nier?????

    Duke Nukem 3D anyone?

      Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong but Duke 3D got a release. Maybe you mean Duke Nukem Forever?

      If they keep telling stories like this one it'll become Final Fantasy VII Forever. HD Cloud Strife smoking a huge cigar in a dress and aviators would be pretty cool though.

    well yeah, that is if it can make new games that are better... they are seemingly to drop the ball on every game they release as of late well except kingdom heart series

    Maybe it's because there was so much to do in FF7.
    Remember the snowboarding, chocobo breeding, bike fighting, submarine battle and whatevr other mini-games that were included.
    I loved FF8 but remember being very dissapointed that they decided on just doing one card game instead of a collection of others.
    Gold saucer added so much extra to do.

    They should just make it into a movie!...with Jake Gyllenhaal. :)

      He would make a great Tifa I'm sure but who would play Cloud? Not up to date on what actress could do justice to the role.....

    Still never played FF7. Still waiting for the day it's rereleased so I can.

    Even a DS remake like the others they've been doing would be nice.

    This AGAIN?!

    Eh, what a load of crap. If it would take SquareEnix longer to make a REMAKE of an existing game than it would to make an all-new game, then they have no business making games at all. They just don't want to remake it and are scrabbling for excuses to stop the frustrated fanboys from clawing their eyes out. I think the rerelease of FFVII on PSN may have had something to do with it.

    Am I the only one who thought FFVIII was a far superior and awesome game? The cut scenes are still gorgeous today. FFVII always looked like crap to me

    i understand the fact that it would take forever to remake and i do not look forward to ever seeing it

    look at sheer content of the original cities alone

    midgar included 3 towns,3 reactors several side areas
    kalm town changes with each new event
    junon consist of two town and underwater reactor
    multiple towns change or have side areas and dungeons making the content in towns 10 times that of current games

    plus you have multiple summons far more then current games side quest and minigames
    plus at least twice as many interactive characters that have a major role in game

    so dont hold ya breath

    Personally I think it'd be a waste of time and effort. Though I think a remake on the PSP or a successor to the PSP would be a better idea. Probably would be closer to the original than it could get, and it wouldn't be as hard graphically to do than a HD version.

    Yeah - I guess all the content would mean it'd take forever to complete.

    But its all that extra content which makes it so damned fantastic to begin with.

    I've played all the FF series (and many other games as well) - and I still rank FF7 as my favourite in terms of enjoyment factor. To see it remade would just.. Oh man.

    I personally doubt it's going to happen but it'd make my fricken year if it did.

    oh well might as well stick to the original Final Fantasy 7 senice we aren't going to see a remake in the near future

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