How Much Cocaine Is Two Hours Of Gaming Worth?

Have you just been gaming for the past two hours? You just did the equivalent of a line of cocaine, says UK counsellor and therapist Steve Pope in the Lancashire Evening Post.

The title of the piece is "Gaming Addiction Grips Youngsters" and is about the horrors of being addicted to video games.

"A lot of young people get themselves into a situation where they use video games as an escape from the world and they get hooked on the release of adrenaline it gives," says Pope. "Spending two hours on a game station is equivalent to taking a line of cocaine in the high it produces."

Pope goes on to claim that gaming is the "fastest growing addiction" in the UK and is affecting youth mentally as well as causing problems like obesity.

"I saw one 14-year-old Preston boy who played on games for 24 hours non stop and had not eaten and was showing signs of dehydration," he adds. "When his parents tried to take his console away, he became aggressive and threatened to jump out of a window."

There are also children, he warns, that have been stealing from their parents to buy video games. Just imagine if they were actually doing coke!

"Computer game addiction can also spiral into violence as after playing violent games, they may turn their fantasy games into reality," says Pope. "But it is not just children who are suffering - a growing number of adults are addicted to the internet and to sites like Facebook."

There are even therapists who are addicted to making all sorts of melodramatic claims.

Gaming addiction grips youngsters [lep via GamePolitics via 1Up via Kotaku Japan]


    Another ill informed and irrelevant opinion appears from a person who most likely hasn't played many games. "ZOMG these games are as addictive as cocaine! ...and making this outlandish statement will get my name in the local newspaper for sure!"

    Until videogames, kids destroyed ants with magnifying glasses and stomped and murdered army men. Only difference is now the army men are not entirely green and the ants are actually six feet tall aliens.

      Heh yeah. I have heard stories of older generations childhoods where they go down to the local creek, catch frogs and inflate them with air pumps like balloons and other wholesome fun times of animal abuse. And they call these generations violent..

      Besides has his guy ever tried to take away anything from a 14 year old boy? Tell em to do anything and they will arc up and make threats like that, its called puberty.

    Having being up till 1am every morning this week playing PS3, with minimal sleep and 50+ hours at work, I can definitely relate to this...

    This is sad, once again blame the games.

    What parents let their child play games 24 hours straight? Seriously, the fault is always shifted to the wrong focus.

    So I guess if I go skydiving for two hours I must be racking up at least a kilo of pure coke. I must then have a tendency to commit suicide by jumping of tall buildings.

    Please how silly!

      Do you work at Foxconn, by any chance?

        oooooh.... too soon?

    Its a well known fact that certain English tabloid newspapers can all so get addicted to making all sorts of melodramatic claims :)

    Wow, i must be the biggest crackhead ever then, ive been gaming since primary school, gusse i have a problem.

    I used to be able to do 3 lines in my youngin days but can only manage to snort a pinch or half a line nowadays.

    If it wasn't for the bunch of corpses I have to dispose of I would have taken the time to explain that my life of gaming hasn't stopped me from living a normal life.

    FFS STFU.....

    get over it....

    people are going to play games no matter what studies are done or what they "prove".

    Its not video games. Its games in general. They take away sports in school, they take away playtime after lunch. I blame our parents generation, damn hippy feminist peace lovin' greedy bastards

    You know what's even better doing a few rails and then playing video games... that's awesome!


    Yes, but does cocaine have n00bs to pwn?

    Didnt think so

    Good god, some people have no self awareness at all. I hate this, people who have never so much as touched a game in their lives, and obviously don't know a thing about them, still feel obligated to stuff it down our throats that they're bad for us. Fucking backwards conservative assholes... It's Elvis swinging his hips all over again.

    Yeah, it's such a common scenario to play games for 24 hours then turn agressive. That kid had no underlying issues at all, and was perfectly normal and happy until he played GTA...

    So basically, they're saying that video games are a much cheaper high? Nice.

    Great, another story about "gaming addiction"

    While I'm sure there are people out there addicted to video games, I doubt the issue is addictive games, and in fact, this researcher even identifies that they are being used as a form of escapism. I think anyone who should be considered truly addicted to Video Games doesn't have a problem with the games, but definitely needs medical assistance.

    What I find most ridiculous, is there are countless tales of sporting personalities who would constantly be trying to fit in just one more hour of playing their sport of choice, the story of Donald Bradman hitting a golf ball against a water tank using a Cricket Stump, he spends hours practicing for a sport he loves and it's dedication and something to be admired, but god forbid someone spends their free time participating in their chosen leisure activity if that activity is gaming, just another example of the people outside a community looking in and criticizing without understanding.

    His examples sound more like bad parenting more than anything, imo. Who bought the gaming systems? Who bought the games? Who let the kids play too much? The parents. But, as usual, the parents are never mentioned unless it's to illustrate how powerless they are in such a situation, thus re-enforcing his point on gaming addiction. -_-

    I lol'd. Seriously? Two hours equivalent to a line of cocaine?
    I'd never do drugs, but I highly doubt the validity of these claims.

    get lost. cocaine is way better than video games.

      nah just gammin.

    “Spending two hours on a game station is equivalent to taking a line of cocaine in the high it produces.”


    I wish gaming got me as high as coke. I would def be addicted to gaming then hahah

    "There are even therapists who are addicted to making all sorts of melodramatic claims."


    Thankyou Brian.

    That line is priceless.

    “A lot of young people get themselves into a situation where they use video games as an escape from the world and they get hooked on the release of adrenaline it gives,” says Pope. “Spending two hours on a game station is equivalent to taking a line of cocaine in the high it produces.”

    I must take A LOT of lines.

    Why does Kotaku report these things? A resercher needs some PR so he writes a sensational line like "2 hours of gaming is the same as a line of cocaine" to spark the interest of gaming news sites.

    The old "games cause people to be violent" argument is even here. This is a flashing light for not being newsworthy and yet you guys ran with it anyway.

    Something else to think about is the fact that Two hours is a considerable amount of time, however a cocaine line is down in a few seconds. While the high lasts for a while, the effects are coming from a dose of just a few seconds which is far worse for the human body than an input of over two hours.

    Steve Pope must have a publishing deal in the works to help the poor parents who can't control their poorer addicted children.

    They can't help themselves! It's an addiction! It's just like cocaine!

    What a crock of shite.

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