Hydro Thunder Hurricane Churns Out New Modes, New Media

You know what was missing from the original Hydro Thunder? That's right. Exploding barrels. Thankfully, developer Vector Unit has corrected that oversight in Hydro Thunder Hurricane, coming to Xbox Live Arcade.

The new developer taking the Hydro Thunder reins from Midway promises all-new ways to enjoy wet and wild speedboating action with a handful of new gameplay modes. In Ring Master, players must race through a series of rings as fast as humanly possible, with levels of difficulty ranging from novice to pro to expert. It's not only the best speedboat slalom racing you'll experience on Xbox Live Arcade, it's also a great way to discover hidden routes.

Also new is the Gauntlet time trial, which switches things up with a smattering of exploding barrels. Not only a great opportunity to enjoy the thrill of an exploding barrel, but a chance to test your Boost Jump skills.

Check out new screens of the XBLA game, then join me in rabidly anticipating its forthcoming release.


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