I Kept Playing — A Happy Ending

In October I told the story of the EverQuest addiction that nearly a decade ago cost me my job, my health, and the woman I loved. Last weekend I asked that woman to marry me.

Emily first came into my life during a very turbulent time. My world had completely changed in the span of a couple of years, putting me through some of the highest highs and lowest lows I've ever known.

In late 2001 I told her to leave. We'd had our problems. She was quite young, and I was very insecure, and it was so much easier to just sit and play EverQuest than make any effort to save things.

Once I got my life back together I spent eight years trying to find someone I connected with like I did with Emily. Someone who could take my peculiar nature in stride. Someone who doesn't mind me making a beeline for the toy section every time we visit Wal-Mart. Someone to match wits with. Someone who knows when I need to be left alone, yet always appreciates my attention after those moments pass.

I met some wonderful people during those eight years, but none of them were her.

Emily came back into my life in late September of last year, and to risk sounding sickeningly romantic, it was like the final piece of a puzzle snapping into place.

We're both older and wiser now. She gets prettier with each passing day. I get balder and pudgier, but she doesn't seem to mind too much. That's not the kind of woman you let go.

So I'm not letting go. Last Saturday, during an event she was performing at, I asked Emily to marry me. She was completely surprised. I got up on stage, got down on one knee, fumbled with a ring, and the world completely disappeared in the moments between my question and her answer.


Those who've friended my on Facebook or follow me on Twitter might have already known, but considering how many comments in my EverQuest addiction story suggested I marry this woman, I figured I'd share with the group.

See? We do listen to our commenters!

We've not set a date yet. When people ask, I say Tuesday. No Tuesday in particular; I just figure I can get a day off work if I get married on a Tuesday.

Further proving she was made for me, Emily and I are currently pondering a wedding cake consisting of a dinosaur riding another dinosaur, with us on top, only we're both dinosaurs as well. There is no underlying reason for this. It's just something we both thought would be awesome.

I leave you folks with what is likely one of the only pictures you will ever see me post of myself on purpose, and only because she makes me look so good. Yes, we're slightly drunk. No, we don't normally pose like that.


    Grats :)

    Guess what? EQ is back and doing the same thing all over again to me. Project1999 is pwning me hardcore. And I love it.

    If eating badly, Divorce, Being overweight or generally unfit, unemployment or maybe bad hygiene is how you want to roll I suggest you check it out on project1999.org

      Are you seriously plugging an Everquest server in a thread related to Everquest addiction? Wow.

        Yes. Yes I am. It has so much Irony I find it amazingly funny.

    Go Fahey!!! We all knew you were totally meant for each other :D All the best for the wedding and keep us updated!


    Congratulations, you're a lucky man!

    Congratulations. =D

    I am so high. This is amazing. I read this shit from the start, it was so huge (when you're high EVERYTHING is harder) but I did it. The picture finish blew my mind.

    TY for sharing.

    congrats! Those are the kind of woman you never let go.

    May your lives be filled with wedded bliss.

    that's so awesome :) I'm glad that this story had a good ending.

    Also, in the more respectful way possible: your new fiance is adorable as hell! Nice work!

    Grats, there is hope for us all :)

    That's Awesome Dude, Congratulations!!
    The way you talk about her, reminds me of how I feel about my wife (and we've been together over 15 years).
    I hope you have a Long and Happy life together :)

    congratulations dude :)

    Your right, she's super hot! And if she's cool enough to like a dinosaur riding a dinosaur with you and her in dinosaur form on top she's definately a keeper. If she's got a sister send her my way ;)

    Congrats dude, you're a lucky guy.

    Big congrats dude, such a warm fuzzy ending :)

    BTW you kind of look like Goldberg from WCW / WWE in that picture.

    proposal on stage, nice


    Congratulations and thank you for sharing :)

    Just finished reading the series of posts written and kudos to you sir, you managed to kick the habit, get the job and win back the girl of your dreams!

    I am in a similar rut when it comes to MMOs myself but it has not cost me anything as dire, luckily.

    Great to see a real happy ending, I'm a sucker for those :)

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