If Lucasarts Had Made A Lost Game... In 1987...

In 1987, Lucasarts (well, Lucasfilm) released Maniac Mansion, a game that would revolutionise PC adventure titles with its innovative "SCUMM" menu system. This is what the world would look like if that game had been based on TV series Lost.

Yes, it's another Lost gaming thing, but non-fans need to know this show holds a very special place in many people's hearts. Like Star Wars, or a Valve game. So these kind of outpourings are not only to be expected, we should expect them for years to come.

As someone who watched the first season then gave up, I also appreciate the fact I get most of these. People say things like "smoke monster" and "Dharma" and my eyes just glaze over, like I'm deaf and you're speaking Spanish. Underwater.

Lost 1987 [Robert Penney, via Super Punch]


    OH FFS!!!

    ENOUGH WITH THE LOST CRAP!!! @[email protected]

    I'm so over hearing about lost and all the "what if lost was.." things this past week.

    Lost is gone, dead and buried - let's stop digging up the corpse that has been clearly rotting since the original season...


      Sounds like someone's a little jealous they didn't get on board when they had the chance.

        haha pawnd

      My best purchase as a kid was a bundle pack consisting of Maniac Mansion, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, The Secret of Monkey Island, Zak McKracken and Loom. Some of the most memorable games I have played... so even though I didn't watch lost at all, I can appreciate the humor in this!

      Soooo good!

        Here here! I get nostalgic chills remembering those games, and when you incorporate the deep, emotive and spiritual conclusion to Lost, I'm surprised I'm not a blubbering mess after reading this!

        Oh dammit, I promised I wouldn't cry! [bawl]

    lol @ the Hurleybird, maybe it was Jacob as an animal?

    ...well, I thought it was funny.

    Gave me a morning giggle. Cheers.

    This would be pretty sweet actually. We deserve a good LOST game!

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