If Super Mario Bros Was Made In 2010

Game designer Zack Hiwiller shows us what Super Mario Bros might look like, if it was made with modern sensibilities.

Author's Note: While this post is meant to be humorous, it isn't meant to be humorous at the expense of my fellow designers. I know we all try to do what is best for our games, so don't take offence guys! It's just pining for a simpler time…

If Mario was first designed in 2010, he'd probably have to adopt some of our modern trends.

Thirty minutes later…

Maybe this warp pipe is safe.

Damnit. Zack Hiwiller is a professional game designer living in New York City. He writes about games and the industry on his blog (http://www.hiwiller.com) when the server isn't a smouldering mess. If you are a board game publisher, contact him. He's got some prototypes to show...


    Sadly, very true.

      That was so true of social network games that I couldn't help but laugh.

    Confirm or Ignore?

    That is so good. Really makes you appreciate what we USED to have. Quite sad when you think about it.

    I tried to like this, but it said I had to subscribe and recommend 10 other friends...

    Would you like to post this blog to your wall?

    This made me LOL.

    It's just so perfect! Reading this article made me feel like I'm playing an XBOX 360 game.

    needs a "internet down, No more play for you" scene

    600 Fun Points for a warp pipe unlock? You have to be kidding me Nintendo- it used to be 400 points and I would get TWO unlocks for that!

    *Rabble Rabble*

    Haha. I think this is the only Kotaku article I've Facebook shared :D

      Nooo you've become part of the problem!

      Only thing ever ive shared on there :P

      Brilliant, but depressing how accurate it probably is :(

      same here!


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