If This Video Game Thing Doesn't Work Out For EA, It Has Options

Mario receives a brief respite from the copyright infringing small businessman as EA Carpet Cleaning speeds presumably towards John Madden's house to clean up another massive mustard spill. Thanks, Robby!


    lol why anyone would want a EA logo on their business is beyond me

    It's not like it even stands for anything either...seriously dudes you could've put some effort in.
    "Effiecient Automatic" Cleaning or something.
    Ok so that doesn't make sense but I'm not the creative marketer person!

    Do they charge you an extra $10 if your carpet is used?

    I think Ubisoft would benefit from having a service like this. Then they can earn money off of the vomit on the floor caused when people really see their DRM.

    It's not as silly as it sounds. Nintendo had more than its share of whacky business ventures back in the '60s and '70s - including, among other things, a taxi company and a chain of love hotels (hotels which charge by the hour, primarily used by couples for, well, you know).

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