If We Had DLC A Decade Ago

If We Had DLC A Decade Ago

Actually, we did. They were called “unlockables” and, after playing the game a lot, you got them for free. Seen via Reddit.


  • Sad but incredibly true, it just goes to show that at the end of the day, the people who run these companies aren’t gamers, they are businessmen. If they had the technology to make us pay for every other level and item in all games back then, they would.

    What the hell ever happened to the conventional expansion? Are people today honestly content paying $15 for a few maps and items?

    • What especially annoys me is when companies (*cough*capcom*cough*) try to charge for ‘DLC’ that is actually already on the disc. Seriously, what the hell?

      • It’s not just Capcom, a handful of developers actually make you pay for content already on the disc. Developers have no excuse for that, sure if you had to cut stuff for scheduling deadlines or quality reasons then fine. But to actually have great content ready to go and just be greedy is horrible.

      • Jesus christ! The content wasn’t on the disc for RE5! Fucking nerd rage in this place is getting so irrational that whenever someone cries, everyone instantly takes it as truth.

        The multiplayer game used all of the same art assets, so the download was small. what you downloaded was new player info, setup rules and netcode. Yes, it was small and probably not worth the money, but you were not paying for something you already had.


          You were definitely paying for something that COULD have been on the disc for no extra charge.

          • But nothing. Everybody cries that it was on the disc. It wasn’t simple as that. It wasn’t some sort of conspiracy.

            The fact that it could’ve been on the disc is open to debate. They developed it after the game went gold, and finished it not long after release. Yes, it was very close, but just because something is written doesn’t mean the gameplay has been tested and balanced. But none of this really matters. The only thing that does is that the content was not on the disc. Nobody paid for an “unlock code”.

  • DLC… I remember that stuff. It was called mods, models and maps created by the end user. Funny how free user created content could drive sales.

  • The horrible part is i can’t really laugh at it because it’s just so damn true…

    Seems like we are getting charged for more and more things – including day one DLC… i mean where will it ever end?

    ..then again not as if i ever buy the stuff anyway.. heh

  • I remember when DLC was called an “expansion pack” and you went to the shop and bought it. Some notables are: Mercenary Second City, Final DOOM, Quake mission packs 1 & 2, QuakeII mission packs 1 & 2, HL Blue-shift, HL Opfor etc.

  • It’s true that game companies are trying to squeeze every penny they can out of us, now more than ever.

    But whether we like it or not DLC is here to stay.

    There’s obviously enough people out there that will pay for it to make it worth their while.

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