IGN Vixen Goes Topless For Charity

IGN's Jessica Chobot recently went topless for charity, allowing a Sony artist to do a mould of her chest and then giving the cast a "God of War" paint job.

The plaster result will be on display at the God of War III art show at Gnomon Gallery before going up for auction to benefit the Keep-A-Breast foundation.

Sadly, I suspect that most of you just read "breasts" yadayadayadayada.



    Mmmm... Boobies...
    Good to see it's for a charitable cause.

    Even more awesome is her name - Chobot. It sounds like something that is deployed from a dropship ahead of space marine incursion.

      Kinda tidy... Chobot? sound like Chode.

      IWPTA "Chobit" and thought it was a reference to an Anime series (see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chobits) from a few years back

      you can named what name you like... chobot, hobo, pedo, homo

      is just an alias

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