Immerse Yourself In Tron Legacy Concept Art

Immerse Yourself In Tron Legacy Concept Art

We’re still about six months away from the theatrical release of Disney’s Tron Legacy, so some new concept art of the sleeker, sexier video game world seems appropriate. But that doesn’t make the wait any easier.

Feast your eyes on lightcycles and Recognizers from the past and present, architecture and a dozen other things that are slick and shiny. Before you venture into the gallery, however, one word of caution: there are no new images of Olivia Wilde in skintight Tron outfits. Sorry ’bout that!

[via Hello Flynn/MrHedlund/Jivid/io9]


  • clear to see how people have shiny fetishes… Sure it’s a different type of shiny – but damum girl!!! I wanna be all up on that shiz running my hands over dem curves!

    …yep… still can’t pull off gangsta

  • Droooool!

    I guess I will just have to keep playing Space paranoids until the movie comes out.

    Looks like a lot of work, but must be less tedious than printing out *every frame* that needed effects on the first one and cutting holes in the frames to let the light through.

    i seriously can’t wait for this film.

  • Avatar fit 3D perfectly. It was the perfect movie to make use of 3D for its environment and some action scenes like the ‘Chase scene’.

    Tron Legacy is another perfect example of a genre/concept that would fit 3D perfectly. The light and speed could make use of 3D if used correctly and could be yet another WOW! film within a year in 3D, after Avatar.

    I hope this film is as good as the first and i PRAY that the 3D is at least half decent!

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