In 2009 PSP Sales Were Down, PS3 Sales Were Up

In 2009 PSP Sales Were Down, PS3 Sales Were Up

Sony released today its fiscal results for the 2009 financial year (April 1 – March 31), and where there’s fiscal results, there’s hardware sales figures.

In Sony’s case, the Networked Products & Services division – of which Sony Computer Entertainment is a part – saw its sales fall by 10%, the company blaming exchange rates, along with both a decline in sales of Vaio computers and the PlayStation Portable for the drop.

That finger-pointing is justified in the case of the PSP, which fell from 14.1 million units sold in 2008 to just 9.9 million in 2009. That’s a big drop, despite the launch of the PSPgo, and and goes to show that it’s not just you who wants a new PSP console. Sony could do with it as well.

On the bright side, in spite of the drop in NP&S sales and an overall loss for the year for Sony as a whole, the PS3 continued its upwards swing, going from 10.1 million sold in 2008 to 13 million in 2009 (with projections of 15 million being sold in 2010).

Finally, showing the PlayStation 2 is far from an afterthought, the old warhorse sold 7.3 million units in FY 2009, an admirable performance considering it sold 7.9 million the year before. If the PSP isn’t careful, it might slide fast enough to be outsold in FY2010 by a console that’s ten years old.


  • The family needs to pat the psp goodbye, take it out the back and shoot it. C’mon PSP2! Please do us (or at least me) justice this time lol.

  • 20 and 30% drops dont = WiiHD and PSP2..

    they equal 3DS and gimmicky duel analog addon for PSP.. we live in hard times!

    • Dual Analog Gimmicky? Never! Dual analog is like the feature PSP gamers have been screaming for!

      But adding now would be pointless, it would render any games made for it useless to anyone who had older versions of the PSP

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