iPad Up, PCs Down

The New York Times called it: Microsoft is no longer the most valuable tech company in the world, Apple is. "The most important technology product no longer sits on your desk but rather fits in your hand." It's good to see that hyperbole will always have a cosy home at the Grey Lady.


    I've come to realise who the iPad is perfect for: Achievement Whores. I've spent the last week sitting on the couch with a 360 controller in one hand and iPhone in the other, with the browser at gamefaqs and xbox360achievements helping me to get some Halo Wars and Dante's Inferno achievements, and I'd kill for an iPad to do the job!

      You've obviously never heard of a laptop then.

      What rock have you been hiding under - Uluru?

        Most laptops are cummbersome to us on the couch, whereas the ipad is not. Being able to access it's features instantly makes it far more useful for the smaller things like googling etc.

      Really do you only have a 2 second memory or something

      i could understand if you know it was like find all 100 pigeons in GTA or whateva but even then a well done map that i can print out would suffice

      +my obligatory achievments are the bane of actual content and replayability in a game

    Ah the gimmick/fad train. It'll win out over actual good quality products any day.

      Like the good quality products Microsoft provide right?/sarcasm. Why is it when someone tries to do something different and use innovation it always gets flamed as a "gimmick?"

        But apple isn't doing anything different and innovative the ipad is just a reskinned upsized ipod touch.

          That's the innovation, as it hasn't been done before.

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