Iron Man Sneakers Will Light Up Your Life

These incredible Iron Man and War Machine sneakers aren't some fanciful Photoshop mock-ups. They exist, are going on sale, and actually light up.

Custom sneaker builders Diversitile will be selling a limited run of these, both Nike SB Dunk Highs, pretty soon. Both feature authentic paintjobs, some texture work and stitching to match the respective hero's armour and of course, the centrepiece, a replica arc reactor on the tongue.

No idea on price or date of availability yet, but the link below will be the place to look.

"Here to Save the Day"-Ironman and War Machine [Diversitile, thanks Jeremy!]


    /Facepalm, good luck with the clown shoes

    The second ones look ok, but the light just F***s em up xD

    Do they come with jetpacks?

    These look pretty cool but the lights just ruin them
    ...i wonder if you can un-stitch the light...
    also i think they need to hire some new photoshop people.

    Very cool, but I though we got over the lights in shoes like 10 years ago?

    Do they come with Tony Stark in 'em? 'Cause if they DO, I totally NEED some...

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