Is It Cool To Out Yourself As A Gamer Yet?

Short answer: no. The slightly longer answer is no, thanks to developmentally retarded and oversexualised "mature" video games, brain-dead stories, obsessive nitpicking nerds and embarrassing entitlement issues. The very long version at Cracked is more amusing than depressing, thankfully. [Cracked]


    Bah. Thankfully most of my friends are 'gamers' to some degree.

      Same. Except for me, half of them mainly play WoW >.<

    Its never good to label yourself, or anyone for that matter. Labeling limits your perception of self and traps you foreverrrr

      Was it Kierkegaard or Dick Van Patten who said, "If you label me, you negate me?"

    I don't tend to tell people who I've just met that I'm a gamer. Unfortunate truth is that most people on first impressions just see nothing but an unsociable geek when you say you're a gamer. I have no problem saying that I'm one when we know each other well enough though. It's also a nice surprise when those people say they're gamers too.

    When someone judges me based on my hobbies, it is them who have failed to meet my standards.

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