Is It Too Late To Preorder The StarCraft II Collector's Edition?

Isn't the Collector's Edition of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty gorgeous? It's already sold out at several major retailers, but we've found a few places where the $US99 package can still be secured.

IncGamers is reporting that the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Collector's Edition is no longer available for preorder at several major retailers across the US and UK, including Game, GameStop and, proving once again that Blizzard makes one extremely attractive limited edition box set.

We've confirmed with GameStop that preorders are no longer being accepted either online or at retail locations in North America, and Amazon's page for the pack only has a button for customers to be notified when it becomes available.

Don't lose hope! There are still several retailers more than happy to take your money in exchange for a box full of StarCraft II related merchandise.

Walmart is still taking preorders, at a whopping $US0.04 off suggested retail, and Best Buy desperately wants your StarCraft II monies as well. Electronics retailer Fry's will take your money too, as will Toys "R" Us.

So while the Collector's Edition of StarCraft II might not be available at Amazon, Game, or GameStop, everyone else seems to be doing just fine. That having been said, I'd hop on this quickly.

StarCraft II Collector's Edition is Selling Out? [IncGamers]


    Good luck finding one in Australia.


    You are pretty much shit out of luck if you want one at retail (JB-Hi Fi, EB Games, GAME and Toys R Us are all sold out) But DON'T LOOSE HOPE! There are still a few on-line retails that i have used before and trust fairly well.

    The first one is, a British online retailer, they actually have the CE for cheaper than it's retailing in Aus:

    The second is the ever popular Play-asia, while a tad more pricey, play-asia is based in Hong Kong, and deliveries generally happen a lot quicker.

    Hope this helps!

      ..and what does the CE have that the normal version doesn't?

        I mean, not much more, unless you're a die-hard fan - and even then, you'd probably have the original SC+BW and have spent years collecting art/fan-art for it. I still can't justify the price hike tbh.

    EB and GAME are still taking preorders with this. Only my local JB stopped taking them, but get in quick. This happened when the last WoW expansion WotLK came out and everyone pre-ordered out. The colossal cheapskates at Gametrader actually auctioned theirs off on launch day to anyone desperate enough.

      They are? I was told they stopped.

      EB are NOT taking any pre-orders for this. I checked a few stores a week ago.

    Im getting it from Harvey Norman, its a special order thing.

    Are there any catches to buying an overseas copy of the game? Besides funny spellings to us proper Australian english users? :)

    Oh, or perhaps the activation key being region locked?

    Umm... isn't ordering overseas region locking your battle net to that region?

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