Is The Story Of God Of War Worth... Reading?

Fortunately, you can determine that for yourself. Not by judging the cover of the novelisation of the PlayStation video game, but by reading the first chapter of the God of War book, now online and freely available to read.

Sony's offering up the first 17 pages of Matthew Stover and Robert E. Vardeman's text-based take on the adventures of Kratos, which ships in paperback form on May 25. If you prefer your retold entertainment more passively delivered, opt for the audio book version, which ships at the same time. Or, if you're more of an ebook person and want to brag about having God of War on your Kindle, you have that option too.

Read the first chapter of God of War, the "official novel of the thrilling video game", in PDF form here. Tell us what you think.


    "God of War is a work of fiction. Names, places, and incidents
    either are products of the author’s imagination
    or are used fictitiously."

    A good start so far, glad they cleared that up.

      What?! If Kratos isn't real, then who will save us from Bear Grylls if he goes on a murderous rampage?

        Nothing could save you from Bear Grylls. He'll kill you, urinate on you then wear you as a hat to keep himself cool!

    The god of war story isn't so bad for an action game of its kind, but i doubt it would be any good without QTE decapitations.

    I guess they would have a chance to make it good if they explored kratos' family more; and then made it all an act of vengeance that we can empathise with

    personally i like the idea of a novel. There are certain things in books that you just can't convey in a game.

    That being said, i'm sure there will even be some inconsistencies in the book that may make it an interesting read.

    There's a God of War novel? What's next? A video game adaptation of Dante's Infer...

    oh... wait.

    Never mind...

    I think of this to be the action/adventure version of Scrotie McBallsack.

    See Southpark for reference.

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