Is The Xbox 360 Getting A Sega Action Exclusive?

Japanese game maker Sega, perhaps best known for Sonic the Hedgehog and Virtua Fighter, just launched a countdown teaser site for a new game. Possibly, a new Xbox 360 game.

The text on the countdown site itself is thin on details; however, the site's URL ( has some wondering if SEGA is going to reveal an Xbox 360 exclusive.

Exclusive third party titles have become increasingly rare, and these days exclusive titles are typically published by the platform holders. Many third party exclusives ultimately end up being timed exclusives, though.

If this is an Xbox 360 exclusive, a SEGA action exclusive at that, whatever could it be?

Next 360 Action [SEGA via オレ的ゲーム情報]


    Bayonetta 2 maybe?

      if it is bayonetta, microsoft can have it. Sega screwed us ps3 guys big on that 1.

      I doubt it, especially if i remember correctly and the ps3 version still outsold the 360 version (at least in japan)

    Dont forget that 360 exclusive really means (on PS3 or PC in 6 months). That said, a new Virtua Fighter would be great. If it's action though, Bayonetta 2 is all I can think of. Possibly a new franchise?

    Chromehounds 2 please please please

    Hopefully not a new Shinobi, as I have no desire to buy an Xbox 360...

    Jet Set Radio Future?... Maybe?

    Shenmue 3...

    Sonic adventure 3

    Panza Dragoon Saga... 2! or just redo the first, that would be awesome

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