Isaac Look Out! New Dead Space 2 Screens!

We're still a good six months (or more) from the release of Dead Space 2, so a slow trickle of screens from Visceral Games' sci-fi horror adventure feels more like teasing than anything else.

While Dead Space star Isaac Clarke may look slimmer, sleeker and more bad arse in the sequel, those hideous Necromorphs look just as putrid as ever. Get a good look at how the intergalactic undead are holding up in a healthy batch of new screens for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC game, due early 2011.


    Absolutely cannot wait! Isaac Clarke is the man.

    I really don't like the new armour... but oh well what can you do.

    Otherwise - it looks pretty spiffy

      it looks awesome, kind of has a Japanese cyborg/mech inspired look to it

    I can't wait either. I must have this now.

    His new armour reminds me of the Jehuty mech from Zone of Enders. Actually, I think I'd rather a new Zone of Enders game...

    the new suit looks so awesome!!

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