Isn’t It A Little Early For A Star Trek Online Winback Weekend?

Isn’t It A Little Early For A Star Trek Online Winback Weekend?

Atari and Cryptic Studios have mounted a huge push for players in Star Trek Online, featuring a referral program, veteran rewards, a free demo, and an invitation to lapsed players of the three-month-old MMO to try it again for free.

Has Star Trek Online really lost so many of its launch players in the past three months to warrant a Winback Weekend? It seems a bit early to me, but then I’ve not had much time to play since the first month myself. Perhaps I’m a trendsetter. Perhaps players were maxing out their rank too quickly and getting bored. Either way, this weekend old players are invited to log back in and see what they’ve missed in the 5-10 weeks since they stopped playing.

The Winback Weekend is part of a four-pronged attack to bring in more subscriptions while keeping existing players playing.

A downloadable demo of the game is now available, allowing perspective players to experience the opening missions in the game for as long as they’d like.

For players needing that extra push, the new referral program doles out in-game items, skill points, and Cryptic Store currency for those that manage to trick their pals into playing with them.

Finally, to keep players coming back, Cryptic has lined up special titles, items, and bonuses for players who keep their subscriptions active for 100, 200, 300, or 400 days with the veteran’s reward program.

I think Star Trek Online is a fine MMO for what it is. It still needs a little polish, but on the whole it’s a solid release. Hopefully Cryptic and Atari can draw in enough new business to keep up this continuing mission.


  • I don’t get why people think that releasing a trial is the beginning of the end. I started playing WoW with a trial account, and I really don’t think that having trials has broken WoW.
    You do get spam and the occasional griefer, but it’s worth it in terms of having a reasonably sized playerbase. That’s what makes an MMO, there are a heap of much better single player RPG’s than WoW, it’s the social interaction that makes MMO’s fun and unique.

    I’ve been waiting to try STO, the reviews weren’t good enough to warrant a purchase, so now I can see what is fixed and whether it’s worth the purchase to me or not.

    • The concern outlined here isn’t due to the free trial.
      In fact, most MMO’s have (or at leat should have) a free trial. How else are players going to get roped into that first purchase and the following $40 per 60 days afterwards?

      The concern here is actually that they are already trying to win back players that have left after only a few months of the game being open. This could point to a mass of players abandoning the game, which certainly won’t be good for the health of the game down the track.

      These days there seems to be a flood of MMO’s on the market and it will take A LOT of convincing to keep people handing over their money points. Just take a look at Warhammer Online for example. In my eyes, and many many other people’s, it is an abslutely fantanstic MMO that does so many things right, yet the player base has dropped significantly to the point where it’s days may be numbered. Hopefully that isn’t the case for WAR or this game.

      But yes… to stop my ramblings this either means that things aren’t going so well or that they just want to keep as many players in the game as possible to prevent more people from leaving causing a domino effect…

  • Nothing could make me go back to that game. It just seemed so boring and only allowing you to have 3 characters before you have to buy more slots really limits my interest and long term playability.

  • They went from 1,000,000 active subscribers to less then 100,000 in 2 months after launch.

    Most complaints stem from an “unfinished game”, “cookie cutter missions”, “unbalanced gameplay” and most importantly, Cryptic instituted a policy a short time ago, “List what you’d love to see in STO” and from that list of most demanded content, they put a price on it and shoved it in the Cryptic store.

    So like facebook games, you can buy game breaking content from the Cstore and just WTF pwn legitimate players.

    At the rate of subscriber retention, this game will be dead in less then 12 months if Cryptic doesn’t pull their thumbs out of their asses and stop trying “carry” this game on the Star Trek brand name and start delivering content that will actually invigourate gameplay.

  • In fact, the “referral program” is one of the key points that drove a lot of customers away, and the veteran rewards was response to so much negative publicity to their original concept of a “lifetime rewards” program, they had to regear it because of a majority of 6 and 12 month subscribers threatening to demand refunds or walk from their game.

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