It's A Dead Bird! It's A Red Plane! It's Super Scribblenauts!

Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment confirms that the adjective-laden follow-up to 5TH Cell's million-selling Scribblenauts is indeed Super Scribblenauts, due out this spring for the Nintendo DS.

A listing for Super Scribblenauts briefly appeared on over the weekend, only to be quickly taken down. Between that and the domain registration for, we were pretty sure we had the name of the sequel nailed down, and now Warner Bros confirms it.

Like the original game, players will use words to help protagonist Maxwell obtain the Starites hidden in each game level. Unlike the original, players will be able to modify the nouns they use with adjectives, turning a zombie into a gentlemanly, flaming, flying zombie, or an elephant into a purple, obese, winged elephant, both examples given in the official press release.

I loved Scribblenauts. I fully expect to truly, madly and deeply love Super Scribblenauts, even if it doesn't have adverbs.


    I'll get it when its' cheap; the first was a bit of a letdown, but it does look good :)

    Control scheme of the first one drove me nuts, enough to make me think twice about getting this one.

    Gigantic murderous Hamburger. No explanation needed. :)

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