It's A Super Luigi Galaxy!

Everyone's favourite second-rate princess saver, Luigi, will be playable in Super Mario Galaxy 2, a major selling point for the Wii owner who detests blue overalls worn with red.

Luigi, it appears, can do everything his brother Mario can do, whether that involves strapping on the Bee Suit again, riding Yoshi or wearing that new Cloud Suit. He just does it without the recognition of his more famous brother and with a leaned back running style.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 makes its way to the Wii on May 23 in North America, then to Europe and Australia the second week of June.


    green plumbers are cooler

    Makes me wonder why this isn't an option in EVERY Mario game.

      I think some times they just think there isn't much benefit to it.
      Personally I like having the option but the gameplay doesn't really change much.

      In Super Mario Galaxy 1 though Luigi was unlockable but you had to get every star first so you couldn't play through it 2 player with Mario and Luigi or anything like that.

    Nothing personal against Luigi but I have always HATED his slightly-longer hangtime when jumping. Like a hybrid Mario/Yoshi.

    It screws with your muscle memory on NSMB, always underestimating your landing position and such...

    If it was anything like the original Galaxy (had to get all the stars before unlocking Luigi) then I hope they change the game around a bit when playing as Luigi to give people incentive to play though it again.

    Awwww i waited til the very end for some extra footage. No fair :(

    It looks like Nintendo have outdone themselves.

    I might just have another all-time favourite game come a few months.

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