It's All In Your Head, Well At Least Half Of It Is


    It's an interesting idea, and it is certainly true to some extent. But to say *half* of the game resides in imagination is a bit of a stretch.

      Depends on the type of game. I can see his point in games like Civilisation and The Sims...even to a lesser degree in Just Cause/GTA type games. Not so much on-rails shooters like Rainbow 6 and games like TF2.

      The human mind is a powerful asset. It would be near impossible to emulate to such a high degree for every facet from every user. One possible solution in future would to offer gaming through neural jacks, however, that would no longer be gaming now would it? =O

    While it might not apply for the average multiplayer FPS gamer, it certainly applies to me. I live for massive sprawling atmospheric games that offer a deep story and lots of characters, that feed my imagination. Like, say, when playing Mass Effect, thinking about how the other characters would feel about the choices I make, what they would want to do, who would want to go on missions and for what purpose... it makes the game world feel real and alive.

    So why aren't games half their price if we're doing half the work?

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