It's Like God Of War Meets Bayonetta...

...meets a big ugly dude with white hair. Say "hello" to Knights Contract.

Slated for release in 2011, this is the upcoming hack-and-slash action game from game company Bandai Namco. It's multi-platform - getting released on the PS3 and the Xbox 360.

The game features a scythe-slinging knight named Heinrich and spell casting witch named Gretchen. While he's immortal (and thus can't die), she isn't (and thus can die). Both face off against Faust in the German countryside.


    No mention of Dante's?
    Faust people!

    When I read the white hair and ugly part I thought for a second you were talking about Nier...

    I forsee the potential for interesting co-op combat and tactics.

    Oh good another one of *these* games.

      i prefer another one of "these" games to more fps.

      this kinda makes me think of Ico crossed with the God of Bayonetta.

      I hate to say it, but I agree, this looks pretty generic. Hopefully the second person/player adds some new dimension.

      Oh, I couldn't try saying the same thing when literally ANY other game shows up?

      I'd need to know more about how the gameplay works to be interested in this one. The only big problem I can see in this trailer is that for all the hordes and large enemies you fight, the environments shown look really cramped. Something that I foresee as frustrating in a game about protecting a npc.

    I think the game comparisons got mixed up there... It's more like Devil May Cry meets Bayonetta. Especially with the white hair...

      Except that Bayonetta basically was Devil May Cry with a female character.

    Why is it Knights Contract and not Knight's Contract? It shouldn't bug me as much as it does...

    Is it just me or does that font look waaay to microsoft word-art?

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