It’s Like Mortal Kombat, Only With Bikinis

It’s Like Mortal Kombat, Only With Bikinis

It’s been three years since we last checked in on the development of Warriors of Elysia, a game that can best be described as Mortal Kombat, only with more boobs. Let’s see how it’s looking circa 2010.

It’s looking… yeah, like Mortal Kombat. With babes in bikinis. Doing karate. Don’t know why they didn’t just call it Bikini Karate Babes!

Oh, wait, I do. These guys’ last game was called Bikini Karate Babes.

Those looking to find out more about Warriors of Elysia – like what’s inspiring the development team – head to the website below. Where you can find lots of images. Images like this one.

[Warriors of Elysia]


  • Har har har, nice fake trailer!

    oh what? It’s not fake?
    Ok, nice fan made tribute to mortal kombat!

    oh, it’s an actual game?
    right, like a flash game then.

    oh, its a full feature?
    ok, like free content that comes with another game, eh.

    no? its a standalone?
    right, right, like a mini game available as dlc, eh.

    no?? its a full-fledged game on a cd complete with bonus features and limited edition dvds, you say?
    I see…
    I sure came a long way from what I used to believe to what I beleive now…

  • Hahaha, this is so embarassing and drawn-out. I don’t know why they’re on fastfoward or why they agreed to humiliate themselves for the trailer. I guess they had all their higher brain functions removed.

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