It's Not The Size Of The Game World, But How You Use It

Does size matter? Compare the size of these seven video game words to the amount of enjoyment you got out of playing the game for the answer. Found via Digg.


    Ha! go go daggerfall. You crazy game you.

    Burnout Paradise isn't really that big if you consider a lot of that map appears to be water, which you can't drive on. It would be good, but difficult I imagine, to calculate it based on accessible terrain rather than a rectangular map.

    Why did they forget the y'kno, other 2 continents in WoW.

    Well the two games i've enjoyed most on that list would be Just Cause 2... and Gta III...

    Where's ArmA2

    There is NO WAY that Azeroth is smaller than Paradise City! Am I missing something?

    They're missing a few maps here. Don't forget that Far Cry 2 had two maps that size. And what about both Mercenaries'? Morrowind? Saint's Row?

    I'd like it noted that Far Cry 2 had two maps - so it was twice as anoying

    Pretty impressive stuff, i must say.
    JC2 is just massive!

    Haha could you imagine if the Elder scrolls games were that big and you tried to traverse them on foot?

    I'm with everyone else though, i want to see more games in comparison!

    Don't forget spiderman, infamous and prototype too!! :P

    Runescape is bigger than JC2 :3

      No it's not, you can get from one side of Runescape to the other in about 30 minutes - 1 hour walking if you're slow.

      JC2 would take fucking ages to walk through.

        I believe by light plane its approximately half an hour from one end of the map to the other.

    Hey wotta bout fallout 3?

      Fallout 3 is actually quite small in comparison to most of these maps.

      It's the smallest out of all of them

    yeah Wow is missing some continents

    and when it says GW:N does that mean purely nightfall or the whole game

      I was wondering the same thing, Prophecies was the biggest Guild Wars and it got even bigger with Eye of the North...

    well.. EVE Online has all these beat hands down. as the EVE world is simply astronomical.

    I'd like see how Red Dead Redemption compares when released, there will be alot of large open spaces in that.

    I can't help but think some of these are out of scale, I mean burnout paradise can't be THAT big, if it's just one city.

      Yeah I'm pretty sure it is. Anyone who has both games take a look at any random distance on the Paradise map and estimate how long it would take you to cover it by car, then consider the same thing for Just Cause 2. Maybe the cars are faster in Paradise, but even so, it would take a lot longer to travel across the same distance on Just cause 2 than on Paradise.

        burnout is just 26 sq miles.

        just imagine what is 200 sq miles is. it's 14x14 miles. or 22x22 km. city takes half of the map in length. so that's about 11km with just 11 streets and a dozen of buildings? 2,5 km sound more right.

    Burnout Paradise's size sounds about right. Consider that you had a car from burnout, racing around Azeroth at 200km/h. You could easily get from Winterspring to Tanaris in a matter of minutes. If the jogging speed in wow is estimated to be about 10km/h, then even the fastest 310% speed flying mounts in WOW are only going 31km/h.

    Racing games and RPGs shouldn't really have their game worlds compared side by side, they use the space dramatically differently. RPGs world design has to be way more intricate and detailed.

    To me a game can have the biggest in game world ever, if it doesn’t have hidden collectables and a change of scenery every so often then you have no reason to explore. Then not only does the games millions of miles of land just become useless, but it just becomes a chore to move around.

    Remember GTA4, I swear I was just taking taxi rides everywhere by hour 5 because the entire city looks the same, and looking for those pigeons is just boring.

      I disagree- I thought GTAIV was one of the most detailed and diverse game worlds ever created. Every single building was different, every street and there were numerous areas and little details to find.

      Yeah I was all city but it was NY- that's what its like.

      Just Cause 2- which I'm playing through now- is brilliant. The world is much much larger and a great playground- but up close it doesn't have the same detail GTA has.

    Wow, thought the Just Cause 2 map was an updated map for Vvardenfell for a moment, almost had a nerdgasm. RIP Vvardenfell :(

    In regards to those saying that the WoW maps didn't include the other continents, I think you'll find that this little exercise is restricted to maps that are accessible in a single load. For example, if you pasted every little dungeon and continent in WoW (I assume you need to load to those other continents) it'd probably be the biggest.

    On another note, goddamn I didn't know LOTR Online was so epic.

    A couple other PC games with large maps

    Battleground Europe - 30,000 km²

    Arma2 - 225 km²

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