Jockey Riders: Playing Left 4 Dead 2 The Wrong Way Looks So Right

With Valve offering up weekly "Mutations" in its zombie apocalypse shooter Left 4 Dead 2, the gameplay variety will flow as thick as Boomer bile. But will Valve go this far out, adding Jockey races to the game?

Jockey Riders is a fan made variation on Left 4 Dead 2's sprint to the safe room with a rare Zombie and Survivor cooperative twist. The goal is to make your way to the safe room as a team, one Jockey special infected, one human. Players must control the Jockey-ridden Survivor in tandem, which may not be as easy as it sounds.

Valve, what do you think? Worth a Mutation?


    This is gold! Do zombies stop spawning when survivors are ridden/constricted/boomered?

    looks like the novelty would wear off fairly quickly...

    *Inaudible comment about events occurring due to microphone being too close to mouth*

    Mutations are an awsome idea, another indicator of Valve supporting its customers, well done. Whats this weeks mutation going to be?

    Cool ass mod

    ...sperm whale having sex!

    That looks retardedly fun. I don't have L4D2 yet, but man, I'd like to play that with friends.

    Jumps Jockey Racing is murder!

    Anywho, this looks awesome :D

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