Judge Judy & The Case Of The $US2400 PlayStation 3

Judge Judy & The Case Of The $US2400 PlayStation 3

I’m still coming to grips with my $US600 PlayStation 3 purchase, but to rent-to-own one for a sum total of $US2400 is mind boggling. Like magnets. How do they work? Lessons are learned in this Judge Judy clip. [via KokuGamer]


  • How can you be so stupid. if im going to fork over +$2000, i think i would have shopped around, obviously finding a far better deal. This is America too, they weren’t even $1000 US at launch, unlike the Australian one whihc was.

    • Its not $2,000+ in cash. It’s rent-to-buy. Basically they charge you a reasonable amount of money, say $50, every week/fortnight/month/whatever, then at the end of the rental period you own it. Sometimes they’ll give you the option of buying it from them or upgrading to a newer model.
      In theory that sounds fine, but generally they’re setup so that over the course of the rental period you pay three or four times what it would cost to buy it outright.

      It sounds like somehting you’d have to be an idiot to fall for, but its actually quite popular because they’ll give you anything you want right away with next to nothing paid up-front.
      Phone companies are a great example. Just look at how many people have clearance model iPhones on $79 per month 24 month contracts. They end up spending $1,896 on a $300 phone and using what equates to $30 worth of calls/SMSs each month ($720 over 24 months) on a regular plan.

      So yeah, next time you’re buying a new TV or computer or something and they offer you a Flexirent contract or something similar, do the math, tell them to get stuffed, go to the bank and get a credit card. The bank will slug you with interest but 99% of the time you’ll still be better off. =P

      • Yeah, i don’t sign up to contracts period for reasons just like this. I suppose ive become used to smelling a trap without having to understand it. I only sign up if for some reason or other i absolutly need a specific item or piece of equipemt.

        Still, its good to have the working explained, thanks DogMan.

  • I don’t know what angers me more. The fact there are people stupid enough to pay that much for it or, or the people taking advantage of other people’s stupidity or perhaps even adversity to such an extent.

  • I wouldn’t call any of these people stupid. I don’t think they thought it through properly and it’s hard to work out who is telling the truth. But I think given the situation JJ passed down the fairest verdict she could.

    But these are just normal people. It’s not fair to call them stupid.

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