K Monthly – April 2010

K Monthly – April 2010

Welcome to the April 2010 edition of K Monthly, a look back at some of the best original coverage, including reviews, previews, features, weekly columns and more from Kotaku.

We kicked off the month with our week-long look at the role religion plays in video games, from nuns to zombies to being a god ourselves, in the aptly named Religion Week.

Some of the April’s biggest news came from Hawaii, where Capcom held its annual Captivate event and finally lifted the veil on Marvel vs Capcom 3. Other big reveals from April included Gears of War 3, the new XCOM, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Bungie’s new home, and the formation of Respawn Entertainment, founded by former heads of Infinity Ward, a studio that slowly imploded over the course of the month.

Get caught up on all of Kotaku’s original coverage with the April edition of K Monthly.


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Well Played by Brian Crecente

Stick Jockey by Owen Good

Tim Rogers

Leigh Alexander

Lisa Foiles

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