Kane & Lynch Play Cops And Robbers

Kane & Lynch Play Cops And Robbers

Following up the original game’s Fragile Alliance, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days makes some Cops and Robbers action. You have and five cohorts have four minutes to steal four million dollars. You’d best hustle.

Cops and Robbers is a 12-person team-based multiplayer mode that sounds a lot like the first game’s Fragile Alliance, which should be making a return this time around, only with less backstabbing.

It doesn’t really seem all that different from the ‘capture the object’ multiplayer modes we’ve seen in countless other games, though I suppose it’s a nice change for fans of the original game.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is due out on August 24.


  • I love the camera work on this video, even without amazing graphics it looks pretty realistic. Like the wide angle lenses and shaky running movements. very cool!

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