Killzone 3 Coming To PS3 In 3D

A promise is a promise. Killzone 3 is coming to the PlayStation 3 and it has a few tricks up its sleeve, including the addition of jet packs and an option to play the first-person shooter in full 3D.

The latest issue of Gamepro is already hitting subscribers, packing an exciting exclusive in the form of Killzone 3, reportedly filled with arctic environments, a big emphasis on jet pack play, and, of course, plenty of human on Helghast action. Where can you go after Killzone 2? Clearly machine gun-mounted jet packs and fur lined Helghast uniforms is the answer. Gamepro subscribers should probably keep an eye on the mailbox to pick out every detail and ogle every gloomy screen shoot.

Guess we'll be seeing that PS3 exclusive featured prominently at E3 then...

Killzone 3 OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED! [Gamespot Forums - thanks, Witz!]


    Look Jetpacks are awesome but I get the feeling this is just because the new Halo will have them, and am I the only one sick to death of this 3D shit? seriously just make a fucking game without all the gimmicky junk!

      Possibly, but you should also know that Killzone: Liberation, which came out in 2006 had jet packs. Though it wasn't really a fps per se.

      And rest assured, you're not the only one who hates 3D. I think it's one of the stupidest things ever, seeing as it's a stupid gimmick that doesn't really add much to the experience.

      If u had a 3d Tv and seen the game in 3d you would think differently. 3d is amazining. Dick

    Jet-packs? Hasn't another more popular game just added jet-packs which is also a FPS?


    I've never played Killzone 2 is it worth getting?

    3 dimensions at 3 frames per second!

    Seriously, Killzone 2's frame rate dipped bellow 30 on more than one occassion, and 3d rendering cuts your frame rate straight down the middle.

    is it me or is the jetpack the new "must have" for a game?

    I liked Killzone 1 on Veckta. The helghast were alot more mysterious and the gameplay wasnt full of muscle hulking macho crap.

    hawt, but does this mean downgraded graphics, or superb graphics like KZ2 and an optional 3D setting which will downgrade it?

    KILZOWNED 3!!!!!!!

    Killzone 2 lagged more than enough. Throwing 3D into the mix is just going to make it worse.

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