Killzone 3 Eyes-On: Chance Of Flurries & Brutal Melee

Killzone 3 Eyes-On: Chance Of Flurries & Brutal Melee

We just got our first look at Killzone 3, Guerrilla Games next dark, bloody and frosty looking first-person shooter. For our eyes-on impressions, read on. Many Helghast died to bring you this information.

Guerrilla’s Herman Hulst showed off video of a section of the fourth level of the game’s single player campaign. It was set in a dark, metallic, and visually familiar location, glowing-eyed Helghan soldiers shooting down from platforms at the ISA soldiers below. The environment was windy, thick with snow flurries that darted chaotically across the screen.

While taking damage, the screen’s edges were coated with blood; while running, a vignetting effect darkened the screen’s border. The environments looked new, but the action looked familiar to anyone who played Killzone 2 on the PS3—lots of high-energy gunplay and grenade tossing. Helghan soldiers crumpled realistically when killed. Melee attacks consisted of a swift kick to the face and a vicious stab to the back.

As the video progressed, the player character approached a mounted missile turret, took control, and fired a swarm of heatseeking missiles at a Helghast ship and a nest of soldiers. That turret was removable and could be lugged around for better mobility.

Another section, still in the wintry arctic sections of Killzone 3, showed off a air-based attack on what looked like a massive alien oil rig. The ISA ship rained minigun fire on the support structures, toppling the rig and sending pipes, debris and soldiers tumbling into the roiling ocean waters below. While the previous level was a mix of familiar grey, brown and flaring orange tones, this flying level was all whites and blues. It still had that dreary Killzone aesthetic, just, well, brighter.

Hulst showed off concept art from the game’s other environments, including a green-tinted post-nuclear wasteland, a bright blue “terrifying alien jungle” and other moody looking lands full of spikes and spires. Hulst said that the environments in Killzone 3 will be about 10 times larger than your average level in Killzone 2, requiring a “souped up” game engine.

That said, Hulst noted that, contrary to popular belief, Guerrilla Games is not collaborating on engine technology with Uncharted 2 developer Naughty Dog.

Hulst teased two more Killzone 3 items: multiplayer and its “brutal melee system.” While he didn’t speak to the multiplayer side of Killzone 3, Hulst did say that “we can safely say we’ve addressed pretty much every wish list out there.” That “brutal melee system” showed off some of the hand-to-hand kills ISA soldiers will perform, vicious and repeated gun butts, boot stomps and massive blows to the heads of Helghast rank and file.

We’ll be going hands-on with the game shortly and posting our impressions of the PlayStation 3 exclusive tomorrow. Keep an eye out for our feelings on the game and its performance in 3D soon.


  • I really enjoyed Killzone 2, first single player shooter campaign I’d finished in years (at the time) and cranked the multiplayer for a while as well. The 3D features do have me interested but I’m really looking forward to more details about the gameplay improvements/additions in Single and Multi player.

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