Killzone 3 Footage: Breaking Necks In A Snowy Strip Club

Here's your first look at Killzone 3 in action! Sorry it's not in 3D. And sorry there's no sound. And sorry it looks like it was shot in a strip club.

Enough apologising, though, because we didn't film this. Some guy did, obviously without Sony or Guerilla Games knowing about it, and while we must endure silence, red backlighting and a man in a stupid hat, we still get a half-decent look at the game in motion.

Are those new melee kills I see?

[KZ3 @ YouTube]


    i really hate the people that wear those hats, they look like the biggest douche bags.

      I see nothing douche-baggy about that hat. In fact i would say it is a rather mad hat. I would like a hat like that.

        Its not the hat that makes a douche bag, its wearing hats indoors that makes a douche bag.

    I wear a hat like that.

    I agree, I also hate people who wear those hats. It would be funny if it was Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw.

    I probably am, but does anyone else hate the cover system they have?

    3D to me, would seem crap in Killzone. The camera as it is, is all shaky when you run and shoot.

    The footage is on a TV in the background in an interview on the ps blog website

    its yatzee!

    i dont care what hat he's wearing just get the fuck out of the way!!

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