Konami Considering Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker For The PS3?

Konami Considering Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker For The PS3?

Hideo Kojima’s next major Metal Gear game is coming to the PSP this summer. According to one report, it sounds like Konami might interested in bringing that game to the PlayStation 3 as well.

Gamepro writes of a recent Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker event at which Konami reps were gauging interest in a PlayStation Network release of the game for the PS3 with online multiplayer.

Kojima Productions already has another Metal Gear game underway for Sony’s current gen console, Metal Gear Solid Rising, which would make the decision to invest in a port of Peace Walker a most curious decision. The waning popularity of the PSP platform in North America, however, may help that to make sense.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker could get a PlayStation Network release [Gamepro]


  • Second analog stick = win for PS3 version.

    I hate trying to control the camera using the PSP face buttons.

  • It’s a smart move. Ive looked at a couple of games recently (Valkyria 2 and the Psp exclusive Final Fantasy) wanting to play them but not wanting to invest any more money in the turd that is the psp.

    PSN though is simple and easy (hopefully cheap too considering we wouldn’t be paying for physical production) and probably a good way to boost the PSN range.

  • It would probably make more sales on the PS3 than the PSP anyways. Or if they released it on both, then there is an increased profit increase due to the game being on two consoles instead of one.


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