Kotaku’s Community Service Award Goes To…

Kotaku’s Community Service Award Goes To…

I suspect some of you might have had an inkling this would happen. This week’s Community Service Award winner should be quite familiar.

The newest award recipient is Chuloopa.

Kotaku’s most prolific competition entrant, Chuloopa has many charms, but for me what stands out is his ability to simply have a laugh – at games, at me, at you, and most often at his own expense. He’s just so god-damned good-humoured.

He also left 70 comments last week.

Chuloopa, you may choose between the below five pairs of prizes:

1. Wii Sports Resort plastic drink bottle
… or BioShock 2 tin drink bottle
2. Hasbro Family Game Night Wii game
… or Vancouver 2010 Xbox 360 game
3. DJ Hero PS3 game and turntable
… or Aliens Vs Predator Hunter Edition Xbox 360 game
4. Two BioShock 2 stickers
… or a 256MB Brink “data storage device”
5. Mass Effect 2 Xbox 360 game
… or M.A.G. PS3 game (disc only)

Kotaku AU’s Community Service Award is bestowed weekly upon the reader who contributed the most thoughtful, articulate, helpful and worthwhile comments over the past seven days. Look for a new set of prizes to be announced on Thursday.


  • LOOOPS! YOU ARE WINRAR!!!!!! Well done old chum! I want to see those two stickers plastered on the Wii sports bottle! 😉 I can’t believe my kotaku krush won 😮

  • Chuloopa is a most deserving winner. My only suprise is that he has not posted here first like every other kotaku run story :p

  • … I think i just had a baby…

    Once again, in my hyper activity, my first action after reading this was to run out to the store room and jump on poor Benny screaming “I WON I WON!!”… to which he replied “oh so your Supercoach had a win?”
    ..I think i then almost passed out as things went a little dotty.

    Words can’t describe what this means to me.. Mostly it’s a face hugger to call my own. I shall call him ‘David’ in your honor ‘Goosey! My how impressed people will be when i take them through my unit on their complimentary tour and i finish with “..and this is my facehugger, David. Isn’t he adorable??” I’ll then make little kissy faces at it.

    Once again thank you so so so so much!!! Also a massive thanks to all those who have left comments so far – you’re all awesome! Especially you Q-bo, my little Kotaku manhunk. haha. although i’m begining to wonder if you just want me so you can get at my girlfriend 😛 HAHA


    On a side note… holy shit.. 70 comments? No wonder poor Bianca thinks i love Kotaku more than her… 70 comments = Chuloopa should actually be WORKING at work hahahaimgoingtogetfiredhahaha

    • Awww! Rofl, although your partner is uber hot, she’s not on here with her charms making me laugh everyday! If this were IRC, i’d have you in a private room chat by now purrrrrr coo coo! (why’d I coo?)

      Anyhoo, you’ve not told us your prizes of choice yet good sir, once you’ve recovered from the shock let us all know!

      • 1. BioShock 2 tin drink bottle

        2. Hasbro Family Game Night Wii

        3. Aliens Vs Predator Hunter Edition Xbox 360 game

        4. 256MB Brink “data storage device”

        5. Mass Effect 2 Xbox 360 game

        Those are my choices guys.
        Bioshock bottle wins for cool factor
        hasbro wins as i love board games and it’s something my partner will actually play with me
        AVP wins for very obvious reasons
        Brink storage device wins as i can get stickers anywhere and i think it’s a cooler nic-nac
        Mass effect 2 wins as i don’t even own a PS3

        So there you have it!

        • also David – sorry to be a pain but you may have to shoot me a email just to double check the address – the last one i told you for the halo comp was the wrong one as i got it confused with my new home address and work address (duh)

          Luckily i still got it 😛

        • My choices would’ve been exactly the same.
          Congrats dude you deserve it.
          Now keep it up, your comments are always to read!

          • Yes….not always “awesome to read” or “entertaining to read”.
            Just “always to read”.

  • You know, before this post, the first Kotaku-related Chuloopa search in Google yielded the timely quote “I would have been more than happy to combine someones head with a urinal”.
    [/unrelated, but I thought I should mention it]


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