Kotaku’s Community Service Award Goes To…

Every week - well, almost every week - we offer up some gaming swag to one deserving Kotaku reader. It's our way of saying thanks for making the site what it is.

This week's Community Service Award goes to Qumulys. Although perhaps best known for his series of Cookie Monster themed competition entries - such as this Splinter Cell one, this Metro 2033 one, this Final Fantasy XIII one, this Heavy Rain one, and this Monter Hunter one - he earned this award thanks to an epic contribution to last week's Talk Amongst Yourselves thread. Sterling work, my friend!

Qumulys, you may choose between the below five pairs of prizes:

1. Red Steel 2 Wii game (includes Motion Plus) … or DJ Hero PS3 game and turntable 2. Wii Sports Resort drink bottle … or Wii Sports Resort inflatable ball 3. Street Fighter IV Xbox 360 collectors edition (includes Ryu and C Viper figures) … or Super Street Fighter IV PS3 game (just the disc) 4. Dragon Ball Z figurine … or a pack of Bayonetta playing cards 5. Gears of War 2 art book … or Street Fighter Legends comic book

Kotaku AU’s Community Service Award is bestowed weekly upon the reader who contributed the most thoughtful, articulate, helpful and worthwhile comments over the past seven days. I'll be away for the rest of the week, so look for a new set of prizes to be announced next Thursday.


    Nice work Qumulys

    David, I can't seem to find a address to send my bribes? :P

    YES!!! YES YES YES!!!!

    i had my fingers crossed for you this week mate! i'm so pumped that you won!!


    Better yet - we get to relive all the cookie monster goodness of yore! Couldn't have happened to a better person!

    so whats the pick!?

      The water bottle is a bit of salt in the wound, but playing with a new beach ball in his new waterfront kitchen is just plain cruel.

    Congrats Sterling!

    Btw David, is there like a limit on how many times the same person can win in a month/year? or how about increasing the winner per week to 5... So that way more people can motivated to contribute more...

    Many congratulations, after all your hard work water damaging everything and cooking keyboard pie you finally found a Big Pile'o'Crap at the end of the rainbow.

    Om nomnomnomnomnomnom




    I did it all for the cookie mmm, the cookie mmm, the cookie mmmm.

      Oh no... you didn't just quote Limp Bizkit :P

    Well done Qumulys. I told you you'd win sooner or later, and look what happened.

    Enjoy your prizes.

    Honestly, that one post/comment with that keyboard image could have alone trumped every body else's contribution combined.

    I guess this would be your third piece of luck? I don't know, it doesn't seem very... devious.


    Congrats Qman!

    What are you going to pick?

    Congratz Qumulys!

    Now I need to dig through the depths of Kotaku history to find the end story of what happened to your Keyboard, I'm hoping that it didn't end in a destroyed Razer keyboard, however I'm expecting that's exactly what happened. :|


      This would be Q-Bodacious' final product:


      giggling ensues...

      Next time anyone's keyboard, or any other hardware for that matter, plays up. Tell them you're taking them to visit Dr.Q

      Mwahahahahaahahaha *cackle,cough,splutter*

    Nice work, if only a gaming keyboard was among the pack of goodies!

    Good job. As always enjoy the bitter taste of my tears.

    If there isn't a photo with Cookie Monster surrounded by the Pile of Crap, it should be taken off him! :p

    I'm beginning to worry about the Q-man. I haven't seen a comment from him all morning.

    I hope he's ok.

    Well. *socks fallen off*

    I just got home from visiting an old work friend who's in a hospis, so I was really down.
    But now my sad day has turned into an incredible day with big thanks to David, Kotaku and all the wonderful folk on here who keep me chuckling all day. I am soooo greatful for turning my day and week around! You have no idea :D

    I can't believe my luck (for once, its been good!) and I am actually trembling in excitement as I've never won anything before ever! (well except for $20 on lotto, but that doesn't count).

    Thanks everyone for the awesome congratulations you've given me and if I could donate my prizes to you all I would.
    But I wont, and I'm not, so sorry bout that :P

    Ok, so here's my choices and why.
    1. This was the toughest one to choose as I've not used my wii since Zelda TP came out and I'm not sure how much use a DJ game would get. So I'm hoping that....
    *trumpet's go da-duhdadah*
    RED STEEL 2 will give some useful meaning to me wii once again :)

    2. The ball, although mans most incredible invention, would get popped by my brainless dogs pointy claws and teeth. So, since I'm a sucker for irony, how could I go past a....
    *trumpet's go da-duhdadah*
    Wii Sports drink bottle!

    3. Since I've yet to get a 360, this was an easy choice and so the weener is....
    *trumpets go da-duhdadah*
    Super Street Fighter IV for PS3 please! I'm realllly looking forward to bashing up my daughter... in game of course. ;)

    4. Although the Dragon Ball figure is cool and all I really dig activities which the whole family can enjoy together, so the winner is... *trumpets go da-duhdadah*
    Bayonetta playing cards thanks! :D

    5. My god there's a lot of prizes! Ok, lastly, since I've only just discovered I can paint I'm really digging all things artsy and so the lucky last trumpet fanfare goes to...
    *trumpets go da-duhdadah and take a breath*
    Gears of War 2 art book!

    Let me say one last time how greatful I am for the recognition and this tonne of awesome prizes which will get a pic with my Cookie clipart munching on them!! :D

    @Dave, do I need to send you my address details in an email or something?? Oh and your the scrumy chunks of honey comb in hokey pokey :D

      Bayonetta cards for the family? Judging from the game, i hope they are over 15, :D


    I cant believe no one has taken the DJ Hero game yet, i know people didnt buy it at all, but apparently they dont even want it when its free.

      I'll disagree with you there Andrew, one copy was paid for by my brother and when he threatened the turntable to be launched into the flatscreen i'll admit I'd rather pay for a kick in the plums by an American NFL player.

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