Kotaku’s Community Service Award Prizes Are…

Kotaku’s Community Service Award Prizes Are…
Did you know we hand out a weekly award to the reader who contributed the most thoughtful, articulate, helpful and worthwhile comments over the past seven days? They win prizes. Such as these.

It works like this: each week I publish a list of ten items – grouped in five pairs – taken from the 2010 Big Pile Of Crap. And each Monday I announce the weekly prize winner. That winner will then be able to choose five items – one from each pair – from the pile to be delivered to their door.

Your ten items for next Monday are:

1. Red Steel 2 Wii game (includes Motion Plus)
… or DJ Hero PS3 game and turntable
2. Wii Sports Resort drink bottle
… or Wii Sports Resort inflatable ball
3. Street Fighter IV Xbox 360 collectors edition (includes Ryu and C Viper figures)
… or Super Street Fighter IV PS3 game (just the disc)
4. Dragon Ball Z figurine
… or a pack of Bayonetta playing cards
5. Gears of War 2 art book
… or Street Fighter Legends comic book

And here’s a pic of the prizes!


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