Kotaku AU Wrap: The Week That Was

Last week was all about forgetting sands, making matches and jumping the shark.

The week that was on Kotaku AU:

News 250GB Xbox 360 Hard Drives Now Sold Separately Aussie Nintendo Store: The Running Man

Culture What’s On Good Game Tonight? Kotaku Matchmaker: Halo Reach

Regulars The Week In Games AU Diary: Mass PlayStation Wake Kotaku’s Community Service Award Goes To… AU Diary: Fear Effect 2 Ask Me Stuff Kotaku’s Community Service Award Prizes Are… Tell Us Dammit What Are You Playing This Weekend? Talk Amongst Yourselves

Hands-On Reader Review: Bayonetta Reader Review: Super Mario Bros. Reader Review: 119 Team Fortress 2 Updates

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LunchTimeWasters Give Up And DAAAAAAANCE! Is It A Game Or Is It Art? Still Killed By Spike Traps 21 Years Later Watch A Shark Eat The Harbour Bridge

Competitions WIN! Prince Of Persia PS3 Game & Guide Who Wrote The Best Review In April? WIN! Prince Of Persia Xbox 360 Game & Guide WIN! Lost Planet 2 360/PS3 Game And Figurines WIN! Prince Of Persia PS3 Game & Guide Sony Wants To Send You To The Tokyo Game Show WIN! Prince Of Persia Xbox 360 Game & Guide WIN! Prince Of Persia PS3 Game & Guide


    Quick question ... in the Lost Planet 2 post/thread an update suggests that winners will be announced Friday afternoon. Did I miss a post?

      Nope you most certainly didn't

      would have been far too many posts for goose to go through in one day

      If we're lucky we should hear about it today at the usual winner announcement times (1pm or 4pm)

      I'd say 4pm as 1pm on Mondays is usually the community service award :D

      Nope, you didn't. I would assume Dave's having a hard time deciding, all the entries were pretty epic

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