Kotaku Matchmaker: Halo Reach

Kotaku Matchmaker: Halo Reach

Aussie online gamers know that any online game is best enjoyed with, well… other Aussies. To ensure your weekend online gaming is as lag-free as possible, every Friday we’ll be hosting the Kotaku Matchmaker, where you can meet new friends online!

We’ll be theming each Matchmaker around a specific game. To kick it off, I figured we’d start with Halo: Reach. The beta has got four days to go. And this weekend it’s open to all Xbox Live users, regardless of whether they’re Gold or Silver subscribers. Of course, you still need to have ODST.

So, all you need to do is leave your gamertag in the comments below. Maybe even mention a bit about yourself: are you a Halo veteran or a total n00b? What game modes do you prefer? When do you usually play? Anything that’ll help other players decide if you’re really a good match.

We did a similar thing for the launch of Modern Warfare 2 and it proved a huge success. Let’s make the Kotaku Matchmaker just as popular.


  • Great idea David! I’d like to see one for Street Fighter 4! The only friends I have who own SF4 live in Japan, and it blows goats trying to play with that kind of lag!

    • Hey welbot, just sent you a friend request, didn’t get to do it yesterday. I’ve got SFIV too but haven’t played it much so I’m not great at it and I’m a bit of an online noob, but hey practice makes perfect.

      Sorry Dave, this probably should have gone in the talk amongst yourselves post but I was unsure if welbot would read it.

    • I was about to say this myself but you beat me to it.

      With the Endless Battle online mode, it’s now feasible to have 2 or more Kotaku Kids in a matchmaker event.

  • This is definitely a good idea. I only got gold a month ago so I can always use more people on my friends list (especially aussies).

    Won’t be joining in this week though as I don’t have ODST… that and the fact that I’m so over the Halo franchise. Bungie should have stopped at 3.

  • Gamertag: sykoticus
    PSN ID: driftking600

    Played the first couple of halos and loved them but after that became a PC gamer, recently got back into xbox so I guess I am a noob again but have had the PS3 for a couple of years and have MW2 and BFBC2 so look out for me on either console

  • Hi, my name’s Blue Sardonyx… and I’m a Halo multiplayer rookie.

    I’ve played through the single player on all the Halo games… but I’ve generaly given the multiplayer a miss.

    I don’t know what my favourite game type is, but in MW2 it’s Mercenary team deathmatch.

  • Great idea David. This should be an awesome thing to kick off a community within a community.

    As for myself, played quite a bit of Halo 3 (nearly 2000 games) and play a few games of Reach nearly every night – around 8pm AEST onwards. Pretty open to gametypes (hey, gotta try everything) but I do love playing SWAT.

    GT: budgieishere

    As a side note, it’d be awesome if you could leave reminder notes about people in your friends list. I always forget where I found people from 🙁

  • BAM! … That’s the question I’ve been trying to remember all week for you David!

    Last week I was browsing the XBL Community Page and I’m sure I caught wind of a Kotaku AU hosted event, though visiting the same sight I can’t see any sign of it so maybe I imagined it (wishful thinking)

    Anyways online I’m:
    XBL: Oz Stonewolf
    PSN: OzStonewolf
    Steam: OzStonewolf**

    (** New this week)

    I’m not an eleven year old clown with nothing better to do than play Halo, but I am a fan of the series. I’m usually online weeknights post 10:00 for an hour to two, and sometimes on the weekend if the trouble and strife is out and about.

    Online I’m known to dabble in all of Halo: ODST, MW2 and my current favorite BF:BC2.

    I still don’t understand why the first game of Reach I played had an 11 y.o fool singing yet three plus weeks of BF:BC2 and not won out of key toss bag.

  • Great idea Dave! The MW2 one of these was a great idea, only I vowed not to buy MW2 on some principals (which seem dumb now…) and I’ve tried to stick to my words. 🙂

    Please keep these going, oh and will you make it like 360, ps3, pc, rsvp etc. each week/fortnight/month?

  • Radical!!!

    PSN: hombre12582
    XBOX: dzc12

    Usually play Halo LAN with 3 mates (2 V 2 matches, first to 50 wins over the course of the year) in which I’m probably the best.

    Online, I’m garbage, just really, REALLY crap.

    I usually play maybe 1 hr a night depending on how I feel, otherwise Im sporadically on over the weekend for hours at a time, but I’m usually on from 8 – 10am every Sat & Sun, while my GF sleeps in and farts in the doonah.

    I’m mostly playing Halo, BFBC2 (PS3) or Uncharted.

  • Ducker69 on 360

    Halos my game of choice so ill be playing this weekend, feel free to add me… i try to be “polite” but who am i kidding after a few beers im in the “rowdy” category.

    I really like the new armour abilities, they add a new dimension but keep the magic balance that bungie develops.

    Team slayer, invasion and headhunter are awesome!

  • Gamertag: Cuckie Lunt

    Have been playing a bit of the Reach Beta
    but generally try to avoid online play due to douche bags but happy to play with friends.
    Keen to try firefight in ODST as none of my mates
    bought it. Also dabble in MW2 and Halo 3 a bit.

  • Hey Guys,

    My gamertag is “Sgubs”.
    I am a Graphic Designer in Melbourne.
    I have been getting into Reach a bit. Really enjoying invasion and slayer. Love me some rocket packs and armour lock!
    I also really enjoy Hardcore team deathmatch and stimulus mixed stuff on Modern Warfare. I have some skills and enjoy the odd bit of trash talk/laughs!

  • I’ll jump onto this, Gamertag: I706I. I’ve been playing halo games as long as there has been halo games but I would say I’m pretty average at Reach.

    Looking to play for fun mostly, though I have been known to get a little frustrated when things aren’t going well. Even so, please no trash talking or screaming into mikes.

    Will probably be jumping on with a few friends later tonight if anyone is interested in hitting me up for a game. I have a headset though honestly I rarely use it.

  • Good idea:

    Gamertag is matt3082
    My PC username is generally: matt30822

    Would like to get to play against/with some fellow Kotaku users 😛

  • Awesome stuff David.

    I don’t own ODST – but here’s my gamertag for anyone to add me so we can play in any of the other games i actually own haha

    Name on Live is Chul00p4

    …someone took it spelt normally the bastards

    • Friend request sent, welcome to my friends list loopy.

      I’m CHEEKY MUNKY23

      Anyone else feel free to add me as well.

      • Bugger i just relaised i was meant to add you a while ago – but completely fogot!! Sorry mate!! It’ll be good to have you aboard now though! haha

  • XBL: DENAz666
    PSN: DENAz666

    Feel free to add me one and all 🙂 Try and always keep my xbl list filled with aussies.

    Er normally I never play Halo, not my style of game, but I used to be a big fan (before discovering MW and BC), so i’m not terrible, just take a while to warm up 😛

    I don’t take it seriously, and love to have a laugh, but I can still hold my own 🙂

  • xbl gamertag: Sent2Strike

    Pretty average on Reach as I haven’t had a lot of time to play and don’t know where all the weapons are. But I can definitely still hold my own.

    Hey Welbot if you get Super Street fighter 4 you can choose to fight people specifically from Australia.

  • Gamertag: Zoetrope

    If anyone wants to add me, then please do so! Currently enjoy playing Halo or Splinter Cell and happy to give some of the older games like Rainbow Six: Vegas, Call of Duty, Borderlands and others a go!! Have yet to try the Halo Reach Beta, but perhaps this weekend…

    Pretty mediocre at online play – perhaps my skills have become rusty with age?! It’s all about the fun of it anyway!

    P.S. Do I admit that I am a “Brit in exile”????

  • GT = L4ZZER

    architecture student so i havnt had all that much time to play the beta, although i’m pickin it up pretty quick, havnt played halo in ages so im a bit rusty. but im no where near n00b status.

    ill be online tonight from around 8:30 i think

  • More the merrier.


    Have played a lot of halo but prefer it with a friend or two.
    Ill likely be on tonight and over the weekend.

  • Love the concept, and while i’m sure there won’t be any shortage of low ping local matches, perhaps we could do a kotaku reader TF2 engineer update weekend. When it eventuates.

  • Awesome idea Kotaku!

    XBL: OwNeD162
    PSN: OwNeDtm

    Will be playing Reach this weekend!
    Would be awesome to get some more friends on PSN for Little Big Planet too :D!

  • Totally not necessary for Halo: Reach BETA.

    I haven’t played ONE match where there wasn’t at least 2 Aussie’s in it. Seriously its as if Australia is the ONLY country playing it.

    But Halo probably has one of the best Matchmaking system. It may not have a LOCAL setting, but its totally not needed. Halo 3 i got a lot of American players but there were always Aussie players too.

    The only problem I have with Halo is how long it takes to find another match after finishing one – comparing that to COD. Everyone leaves after a game in Halo where as majority stay in COD. Though its getting better with Reach.

    But i haven’t played with any British players from what i’m aware of in Reach and only a handful of Yanks. And ive only had ONE laggy match which was due to the host leaving. It’s great!

  • shadewarlock – XBL and steam

    will try to get some halol on tonite and really enjoying the beta when i play it. BFBC2 has been sapping all my attention tho 🙂

  • Xbox Gamertag – teajay74
    PS3 Gamertag – teajay74

    Melbourne, ADSL2+ (iiNet)
    Casual Player but enjoy trying to get close to the top.

    Also playing (online) games like SSF4 (PS3), LFD2 (360), Bad Co 2 (360), MW2 (360) plus a bunch of older ones (Fable 2 etc) which need multi-player achievements unlocked

  • Hey Guys, long time reader but never comment. My xbox live gamertag is Dougall90. Mainly play Halo and COD online. Feel free to add me.

  • great idea. up for some Halo Reach this weekend.

    gamertag is: ethranton

    would also love some lag free bad company 2

  • Temudgin89

    online practically everyday, need some people to play ODST firefight too, never played it before cause I’m a loner lols

    been playing a bit of reach – around 50 games so far, I think, and totally loving Invasion. its just so epic.

    Also, mad halo fan here. so yeah, just roll with it. I’ll try not to say anything too fanboi-ish. Also, teabagging is reserved for when I am getting frustrated, Otherwise try to avoid doing it.

  • Gamertag :Sensual Lover

    I love competitive games, specially with nice communication. I also like long walks on the beach and making you feel good.

    I do have the Halo Reach Beta, but haven’t played since they’ve released Network Test 1 (If they’ve released it.)

  • Gamertag – buckE AU

    I have been playing the Halo Reach Beta quite a lot. I would consider myself a bit of a Halo Vet, although I didn’t play Halo 3 all that much. I prefer objective based game types – eg Stockpile, CTF, Oddball etc. I don’t mind the new Invasion game type, although I have experienced a fair bit of lag with the added players. I will most likely be playing tonight (Friday) from about 8pm onwards. I will also be playing Saturday Afternoon/Night.

    After the Halo Reach Beta is over, I’ll be keen for some of the Super Street Fighter IV action mentioned above. I love Street Fighter, but I am average at best – still trying to develop my skills.

    • Just realised my Fiance is logged into Facebook, so it’s not her commenting 😛 (It’s Matthew Buckner) she plays Halo also, but she is pretty new to the series.

  • gamertag: beau91

    I’m a bit of a veteran now that I think about it. I prefer gametypes that rely on good teamwork, so I’m frequently disappointed when matchmaking sets me up with rambos and lone wolves. That being said I don’t really play competitively.

  • Does anyone else find there are more girls playing halo than other fps games? There still arent many though, last night some guys yells “holy sh!t thats a girl!” when one joined but i find its not that rare. I know a couple of my real life female friends play halo.

    • Yeah I agree. There seems to be quite a few that play Halo. I remember when Halo 2 came out, I actually got my sister interested in it at the time. And now that I am engaged, my fiance plays with me. We have played the Reach Beta splitscreen online for quite a few games.

      It’s not always good though. I was playing the other night and there was chick on who had a worse mouth than most of the obnoxious guys that play. The bad part was she was on the other team, so I could hear her foul mouth through my speakers when she was close, oh the humanity!

  • This is a fantastic idea, David.

    I’m a decent Halo player. Nothing special, but I’ve got some skills. Been playing since Halo 1, and I’m really digging the armor abilities in Reach.

    If anybody is up for a game, you can find me at GT: AshuraMGS3Sub.

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