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Kotaku Off Topic: —··· · · ·—·

Say, what time is it? Oh, it’s time for Kotaku Off Topic, which usually hits right around now, at exactly beer o’clock. Pop open a drink and join us, while we talk about things video game related and not.

I’ll be spending the rest of my evening on a Skype meeting for my other job, playing Red Dead Redemption at a sprinting pace and enjoying this wonderful new headache-like sensation. I get headaches about once every decade or so, so I’m taking it like a champ (read: cranky wuss).

Talk about your own ups and downs, your gaming plans or one of these lovely items.


  • Stop forcing us to use the empty kiddie pool that is Kotaku Australia. We don’t like it, we don’t want it. We want the real Kotaku.

      • I love Kotaku Australia. It’s great to get a local take on all the major stories going on in video game land. Plus it’s not like visiting the site prevents you from viewing any US posts!

        Keep up the good work guys!

    • Dude, the AU site gets most of the US content, plus localised AU content. With far less comment trolling.

      Where’s the love?

    • Comment wise I prefer Kotaku Au.
      I find it very quickly contains what y=the US has, unlike some other websites (Gamespot I’m looking in your slow-arse direction!).

  • Well the talk about popping open a drink made me think about my hangover movies… these are the movies that I watch when I’m desperately horrifically hungover… basically the rules I have in place for what qualifies as a movie suitable for this terrible event are that they must contain at least two of these things:
    1. Explosions
    2. Humor
    3. OTT Action
    And the final and most important rule
    4. Irrelevant/non-existent plot (because who wants to think when it feels like your head is being split in two)
    Also bonus points for women who are scantily clad for no real reason.

    My top 10 films that regularly get screened to ease my pain are:
    1. Starship Troopers
    2. Shoot ‘Em Up
    3. Planet Terror
    4. Big Trouble in Little China
    5. G.I Joe
    6. Eagle Eye
    7. AvP
    8. Rambo
    9. Tomb Raider
    10. The Punisher/Warzone

    How about the rest of you?

    • I used to live with a guy with a huuuuuuuge video collection (Like for a VCR).

      When I was hungover I would also watch the stupidest crap, plenty of 80s horror, HK action flicks, and yeah movies with boobs was always a winner.

      Not that I wouldn’t watch some of these when I’m find. I’m certainly not having a go at HK films. Everyday is Jackie Chan day!!!

      • I definitely agree with you about everyday being Chan day. However I’ve never been so mind blowingly hungover that I’ve ever felt compelled to watch any Steven Seagal… I fear it would just make me feel much worse.
        Also I’m glad somebody felt compelled to join in and not just sit there bitching about the Au Kotaku…
        However the post still looks a little lonely so allow me to casually cast my medication aside with a simple flick of the wrist and let my multiple personalities join in the fun…


        Ich uhr the Dunkel Lord of Höllenfeuer and Ich go by the name of Uw… ahem err… Ewan Boll. Meine top zehne films for when Ich uhr hungover is as follows:
        Eins. Super Mario Bros (Meine inspiration and guiding licht)
        Zwei. Postal
        Drei. Far Cry
        Vier. Alone in the Dark
        Fünf. BloodRayne
        Sechs. In The Name of The King: A Dungeon Siege Tale
        Sieben. BloodRayne II: Deliverance
        Acht. Alone in the Dark II
        Neun. House of the Dead
        Zehn. Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

        …urgh… I think I will stay on the meds from now on…

  • I love kotaku AU! Jeez man feel some aussie pride will ya?

    Also what does internets think about 16 year olds if you are yourself 19? Too young?

  • How is everyone enjoying SSF4?

    I’m in Malaysia at the moment, so I haven’t had much of chance to see how the Australians are doing with the new game. We need to get some Australian representation at Evo!

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