Kotaku Off Topic: Bats!

Things are starting to warm up at Kotaku Towers West, so let's cool things down with some uncool conversation. Whether it be about video games, science, toys, literature or vampire bats, this post is down with what you're into.

I've been watching a lot of vampire related media lately, thanks to a new run through of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series, but also my girlfriend's rabid interest in True Blood and... ahem, Twilight. Yes, I've seen both films in the theatre. Much of my day was spent dealing with the vampire bat for an upcoming project.

But let's not focus on that or that I could identify both Edward Cullen and Jacob Black in a line up. Instead, let's focus on these things and the delightful conversation that will ensue.


    ^^ Clearly demonstrates why we need a forum

      +1 for a kotaku forum

    In Bendigo we are experiencing a bat plague. It is awesome.

    Except now the number is more like 4000.

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