Kotaku Off Topic: Don't Worry, It's Safe

Consider tonight's edition of Kotaku Off Topic a great place to practice not getting banned tomorrow. Come for the conversation, stay for the helpful Kotaku commenters who know how to comment well.

If you missed today's Day Note warning, it's worth noting. The Kotaku comments are in need of some scrubbing—fewer throwaway two word comments, less filler and no more boring. Today is disemvoweling day, tomorrow the broader-sweeping bans begin.

Have some Kotaku comment pet peeves? Air them out here. Suggestions for new star commenters? Let's hear 'em. Feel like ratting out some illiterate trolls? We'll take those too.

Here are some other potentially interesting things to discuss. See you tomorrow (maybe).


    So any chance kotaky is going to get a forum?

    I'm a little bit worried now. I've made some pretty short posts in the past, but I like to think I have actually said something, not just trolling, even if all I said was to agree with another posters comment. Is that ok? I like to let people know that there are others in agreement with them.

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