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What seems to be the trouble, ma'am? No, Kotaku Off Topic? Well, we can fix that in a jiffy. Let me just take a look under the hood here...

Oh, sorry, was that printed on the site? Anyway, it's the end of another long day and I've got custom pizzas to make, maybe with a little bacon, uncured pepperoni and arugula. So, if you wouldn't mind taking the wheel for this round of off topic discussion, we'd greatly appreciate it. Here are some conversation starters for ya.


    I have a question that involves cashflow.

    Everyone keeps arguing about which console is the best or PC is best or whatever.

    Years ago I was so happy cos I lived with a guy who owned a damn good PC and an Xbox.
    I had a PS2, Dreamcast, Gamecube and a DS.

    I thought it was fantastic cos we had all our bases covered. There wasn't a game we could miss out on.

    Now I'm married and have a kid on the way, so I had to choose between PS3 and 360.
    I ended up getting 360 after finding out about FF13 being multi and playing Blue Dragon.

    So the Questions are:
    If you could, would you buy all?
    Are there rich fanboys out there that deny themselves the exclusives because they have decided one mindless, heartless corporation is better than the other?

    So, if you could afford it why wouldn't you buy them all??

      nah man, i'd have a
      WiiS360 or Pswii60?

      I'd catch 'em all

    If I could afford it my only problem would be finding the time to play everything. Then again if I were rich enough I may not have to work...

    Of course there's a stage where it gets a bit ridiculous. I'd only be buying a PSP for Chains of Olympus because I'm a GoW fanboy. Maybe I'd find other titles once I'd got the platform but it does seem a little extravagant.

    I'd probably feel guilty that I was just throwing away money like that, especially if I remembered back to my (current) student days.

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