Kotaku Off-Topic: Push, Pull Or Tow

Mom and Dad got rid of their sedan this weekend, getting $US5,000 value for something with 185,000 miles on the odometer. If the dealership charged back the cost of vacuuming up the doghair, they would have lost money.

Did I mention it was a BMW? Hardly a farm vehicle, but in our household, everything pulled ranch duty at some point. They replaced it with a Kia Sorento and mum was delighted to hear the thing had Bluetooth in the dash for hands-free talking. We've officially hit the 21st Century if Mom's truly fired up about those kinds of bells and whistles. Of course, it's a moot point if the damn cellular service isn't working where they live, and it rarely is for me.


    Yay for Copernicus!

    And as for the playing cards? Wow. Just wow.

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