Kotaku Off Topic: Spoiler Free Zone

Kotaku Off Topic: Spoiler Free Zone

Having spent all day playing video games and posting about them, a break, in which we can talk about things that aren’t video games, is welcome.

Now, one thing I can’t talk about is Lost. I haven’t seen the final two episodes and am trying to stay away from spoilers. I’ve just been a little too busy with Kotaku work, playing Red Dead Redemption (which I thought would be over by now!) and working on things related to E3 that aren’t for Kotaku. Fortunately, burying one’s nose in a game like Red Dead Redemption and staying off Twitter and Facebook makes spoilers a little easier to avoid.

How are you avoiding spoilers today—if you are, that is—and how was your weekend? Let us know what’s happening in the comments.


  • Picking up Red Dead now that my Lost fixation has finally ended, though I think I need to watch again to get the entire plot (which the internet is extremely confused about), good luck with the epic ending David, its like Lucas with no Ewoks.

    The ending to LOST was that everyone was hooked up to virtual reality, running in a program where there are lost. On an island. Together. With others.

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